Sunday, June 28, 2009

Note to Burr on Health Care

Found this Burr quote on another blog:

"Asked how many Senate Republicans could sign on to developing Democratic plans, Senator Richard M. Burr of North Carolina, author of a Republican alternative, said: “I think right now, none. Zero.”

Note to our do-nothing Republican Senator - Come on back to North Carolina after having gotten nothing done on health care and see how many votes you'll get in the next election. None. Zero.

Burr's a loser. Let's throw this sorry Senator out of office in the next election. North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

We deserve this screwed up country

I'm flabbergasted. I'm at wits end. Our country is just so darn screwed up, yet it appears we deserved everything that's happening to us right now.

Massive budget deficits, broken education system, outrageous health care and secondary education costs, energy problems galore, fighting 2 major wars, lack of morality among our nation's political leaders, et al, et al, et al. We deserve it all. Why? As a nation, we don't have our priorities straight.

Yesterday Congress passed cap and trade. This is the biggest tax increase ever. It's the next Goldman Sachs induced financial bubble that will take massive amounts of money out of the pockets of all Americans and put that money directly into the pockets of extremely wealthy Goldman Sachs investment bankers and their political allies. It's all there, in this Rolling Stone article. Goldman Sachs is behind the push for cap and trade. They, and Al Gore, are positioned to make massive amounts of money off the backs of the American people.

Yet, when I flip on the news last night, and today, and I scan the internet for information on this massive new tax burden, I find zippo. Every news channel and every internet outlet is focused on MJ. Michael Jackson has sucked the life out of any reporting of any news other than every last detail of his demise. Our nation cares more about this sick child molester, than it cares about the passing of a bill that will represent the largest shift of wealth ever. The wealthy bankers at Goldman Sachs are breathing a sigh of relief.

Hell, for all we know, Goldman may have knocked off Michael to take the attention away from the theft they're about to perpetrate. Wouldn't that be a hoot?

Bottom line, we get what we deserve. Our priorities are warped in this country. So, we deserve for our nation to go down in flames.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Goldman Sachs and Senator Richard Burr

Just read Matt Taibbi's latest piece in Rolling Stone magazine about how Goldman Sachs was behind every major bubble since the Great Depression. Wow. It's an absolutely shocking article. If you haven't read it, I would encourage you to do so, soon. You'll come away with an understanding of how Wall Street works in this country. You'll be deeply depressed. And you'll ask yourself over and over again, why is it that Washington DC is so chocked full of clueless clowns who are inept in their ability to put a stop to Goldman Sachs' raping and pillaging of America?

Has North Carolina Senator Richard Burr done a darn thing about this? No. The man is totally clueless about all issues related to finance and Wall Street. He's a clueless clown who needs to be sent packing. North Carolina deserves someone better than Richard Burr.


I'm out of town for a couple weeks. Posts to be sparse and erratic until early to mid July.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Senator Burr does NOTHING about income tax cheating

News out this evening. The IRS is finally stepping up its scrutiny of offshore funds. You know something, this really pisses me off. What took so long? I'm a CPA. I trade the securities markets. I read constantly about finance, income taxes, securities trading and anything and everything financial in nature. So I'm positioned to know better than just about anyone that our government was asleep at the wheel for 8 years of our last Republican administration when it came to enforcing our nation's tax laws. Republicans sat on their butts and allowed the rich and wealthy of this country to scheme and hide and avoid paying income taxes. The Republican laissez-faire attitude extended all the way to the Internal Revenue Service as it pertained to the wealthy.

God help you though if you were middle class and failed to withhold taxes from yard help, a care provider or a pool man. You got the book thrown at you. You got slapped around and penalized until you were broke. But if you were a rich hedge fund manager, you could park millions or billions offshore and pay little to no income taxes. Or you could be like the 52,000 Americans who hide their assets in Switzerland, at UBS, where former Republican Phil Gramm was the Vice Chairman. Yes, that's the same Republican who brought us the CDS mess that almost destroyed our financial markets. Republicans everywhere, screwing America.

Republican politicians, these are the people we had to kick out of office in order to get fairness in our income tax collections in this country. And in my view, we haven't kicked enough of these worthless people to the curb. Let's keep sending the message to the do-nothing Republican political leaders in Washington. Kick their sorry butts out of office. And that includes North Carolina Senator Richard Burr. The man has never muttered a word to indicate his support for cracking down hard on offshore accounts and the hiding of assets. Never. ENOUGH.

Vote Senator Burr out of office. North Carolina deserves better.

Republicans (Senator Richard Burr included) are destroying Corporate America

I've written several times in blogs how it is that the Credit Default Swap (CDS) market has worked to destroy vast swaths of corporate America. It's important to first understand that this market exists because of legislation inserted, last minute, into an 11,000 page bill at the very tail end of the Clinton administration. Who was responsible for the making the legislation happen that created this destructive CDS market? Republican Phil Gramm. Republicans created the tool that Wall Street uses to destroy our investments and bankrupt our corporations.

How did the CDS market go about destroying corporations and our investments? First it took down our nation's banks. Bets in the CDS market were allowed to greatly exceed the underlying value of the assets that these securities were intended to hedge. When the subprime mortgage market initially became an issue, it was only a $2.5 Trillion issue. But 10s of Trillions in CDS securities were bought and sold against those $2.5 Trillion in mortgages. What should have stopped at a $2.5 Trillion issue, wound up becoming many multiples of a larger problem, thanks to the CDS market. That cratered our nation's banks and destroyed the world's largest insurance company, AIG. Our government had to step in and save banks, AIG and various insurance companies with well over a $1 Trillion in loans and guarantees. The $780 Billion TARP program, $180 Billion in loans to AIG, and over $300 Billion in guarantees to Citigroup outside of TARP are but a few of the examples of our tax money being used to patch the problems caused by the Republican CDS mess.

Then, beyond magnifying the mortgage crisis, CDS was used as a nefarious trading tool that allowed traders to cause runs on the stocks of some of our nations biggest corporations. I blogged about one example of this with GE. Traders deploying just $30 Million in capital to make the CDS market appear as if GE was in financial trouble, caused GE's stock to shed over $10 Billion in value, in a single day. Only $30 Million in CDS bets caused $10 Billion in stock losses. This is a travesty. It's a disgrace. It's a Republican disgrace.

And now, we find out how CDS is getting in the way of allowing weak and troubled corporations to restructure their debt, work their way out of problems, and avoid bankruptcy. Thanks to the existence of the CDS market, many bond holders are better off if they're able to drive companies into bankruptcy. This creates a perverse incentive for traders to purchase CDS against a company's debt, and then work hard to make life difficult for these companies to the point that their only alternative is bankruptcy. And bankruptcy gives the owners of the CDS a massive payday. CDS is giving shark hedge funds and shark traders on the desks of our nations investment banks the incentive to drive corporate America into bankruptcy. Why in the world do we sit around and allow this to happen?

Thank you Republican party. Thank you for passing the legislation that allows this market to exist. Thank you for sitting on your sorry tails for the last 8 years and doing absolutely NOTHING to clean this mess up. Even today, I am totally stumped that Republicans aren't moving swiftly to back the complete halt to this market. Some of our nation's brightest financial people have made a call to put a halt to the CDS market. Yet, nothing is stirring in Washington DC to clean up this Republican mess. Nothing.

Republicans created the tool that destroyed our investments and came close to totally wrecking our economy. And Republicans have done nothing to clean up their mess. So, it's time to clean their sorry tails right out of office and out to the curb. It's time to give our Republican Senator Richard Burr, and other sitting Republicans, the boot. This man has not done a damn thing to put a halt to the CDS market. It's time to put a halt to his presence in Washington DC. North Carolina deserves better than our sorry Republican Senator.

More insane Republicans showing their faces

My biggest beef about re-electing North Carolina Senator Richard Burr has been that I am just plain angry at my Republican Party. We are a party of self-reliance and personal responsibility, right? Supposedly. Yet we witness, day in and day out, a steady stream of moronic Republicans in elected office. I'm fed up with them. So its time to throw every sitting Republican out of office. We need to clean house in our party.

Today we have two more examples of the moronic actions of Republicans. First, there's SC Governor Mark Sanford. He disappears for days without telling anyone where he's gone. Not even his wife and four children have a clue where Governor Sanford is over father's day weekend. Not a clue. No one in South Carolina is aware of his whereabouts. The first story that he releases is that he needed some time alone to write. Then we hear he's hiking on the Appalachian Trail. Finally, we hear the truth. He's out of the country having an affair with a woman in Argentina. And this man is the party's hope in the 2012 Presidential election? This morally corrupt man carries the banner of our party? Are we insane?

It gets even better. Republican Congressman Darrell Issa comes out today and accuses Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke of covering up issues surrounding the Bank of America and Merrill Lynch deal. This causes a 120+ point reversal in the DOW. Congressman Issa's accusations are so ludicrous as to be laughable. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is a boy scout. This man is as honest as the day is long. If not for Ben, our economy would have crashed and burned. He's the most respected financial person in the world right now. He saved our nation from this Republican crises. And for a Republican to attack Ben is nothing less than suicidal and moronic. Can we not find a single Republican politician in our country who can act in a honorable and responsible manner while in office? It doesn't appear so.

ENOUGH. I've simply had enough with the idiot politicians in our Republican Party. It's time to throw them all out of office. And Senator Richard Burr needs to go, right along with all the other Republican morons who created this financial crisis and now bury themselves in extra marital affairs and stupid and naive finger pointing. North Carolina deserves better than Republican Richard Burr.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Burr polls tell the real story

The Polls don't lie. And in this case, they tell a story of one very sorry North Carolina Republican Senator who's on his way out of office. Poll results of North Carolina voters:
  • 29% say Burr deserves another term
  • 49% say it's time for someone else
  • 34% are unsure
  • 49% of Republicans think it's time for someone else
  • Tested against a generic candidate, Burr fails to win.
Our Republican Senator is a loser. The man contributed to our financial crises through his belief in laissez-faire capitalism. He took the referees off the field and the capitalists destroyed our financial system and our investments. He did nothing about all the crap happening on Wall Street. And he's doing even less to punish those who pocketed massive amounts of money at the expense of America's 401Ks, IRAs, Roths, 529s, and Coverdales.

It's time to give Republican Senator Richard Burr the boot.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Laissez-faire preaching North Carolina Republican Senator Richard Burr is a LOSER

Recently, I've had more than a few emails asking me if I'm a Democrat in disguise, and if not, why not just move on over to the "other" party?

No, I am not a Democrat. I am a Republican. I'm a Republican who's simply madder than hell at my party. Every Republican who served in national office since 2000 needs to get his sorry tail kicked out of office. These idiots served up this financial crises. And they need to be punished. We need to ban together and throw these bums to the curb.

Republican's laissez-faire attitude, a total hands off approach to the regulation of business, brought us this financial disaster we're living through. They sat on their lazy tails and did absolutely nothing, while this happened .....

“Suck on Our Yachts”: Goldman Sachs Issues Non-Apology for Destroying the World Economy. Anyone else out there find himself doubled over laughing after reading Goldman, Sachs chief Lloyd Blankfein's "apology" for his bank's behavior leading up to the financial crisis? Just yesterday I was talking to Guy Cecala at Inside Mortgage Finance, the trade publication that tracks statistics in the mortgage lending industry. He said that at the height of the boom, in 2006, Goldman Sachs underwrote $76.5 billion in mortgage-backed securities, or 7% of the entire market. Of that $76.5 billion, $29.3 billion was subprime, which is bad enough -- but another $29.8 billion was what's called "Alt-A" paper. Alt-A mortgages are characterized, mainly, by crappy documentation and lack of equity: no income verification, no asset verification, little-to-no cash down. So while "only" 38% of the mortgage-backed securities Goldman underwrote were subprime, more than three-fourths of their securities were what is called "non-prime," ie either subprime or Alt-A. "There's a lot of crap in there too," says Cecala. Any way you slice it, Goldman was responsible for putting tens of billions of toxic mortgages on the market, resulting in mass foreclosures, mass depletion of retirement funds, and a monstrously over-leveraged financial system that we will now all be bailing out for the next half-century or so. All of this so that Goldman could make a few billion bucks acting as the middleman in all of these deadly transactions. What is particularly obnoxious about this phrase is that Goldman is bragging about the fact that it actually made money while it was pumping the economy full of explosive leverage. While companies like Lehman and Bear were dumb enough to actually eat their own rat meat, Goldman knew what it was doing and was careful to bet against the same stuff it was selling, which makes its behavior many times worse than that of other banks, not better. Beyond that, Goldman's "risk management" also involved buying massive hedges on its mortgage exposure from...drum roll please... AIG. In fact Goldman was AIGFP's single largest customer; while the bank was busy flooding the world financial system with doomed mortgages, it was also busy piling bets on the back of the insurance behemoth -- $20 billion worth, to be exact. And AIG's death spiral was triggered not so much by its bets going sour, but by companies like Goldman that demanded that AIG put up cash to show its ability to pay. These collateral calls were what killed AIG last September, and Goldman was one of those creditors pulling the trigger: what makes this fact even more obnoxious is that ex-Goldmanite Henry Paulson then stepped in and green-lighted an $80 billion taxpayer bailout. Ultimately another ex-Goldmanite named Ed Liddy was put in charge of AIG, and Goldman ended up getting paid 100 cents on the dollar for its AIG debt.So basically Goldman helped kill AIG, necessitating a federal bailout, after which time it got paid off handsomely for bets that it certainly would not have been paid off completely for had AIG simply been liquidated. And again, AIG probably does not have a market to sell its CDS insurance to firms like Goldman, if firms like Goldman had not cooked up this insane scheme to underwrite billions upon billions of toxic debt and sell it off to secondary buyers as safe investments. Moreover AIG would not have even had this business of selling CDS insurance had not a bunch of ex-Goldman guys quietly pushed to deregulate the derivatives market."

And Richard Burr is a kingpin. He won't shut up about laissez-faire. And we now see where it got us. This North Carolina Republican Senator is a LOSER. We need to kick his sorry tail out of office ASAP. North Carolina deserves better.

Monday, June 15, 2009

While I've been gone

A running list of interesting happenings to blog about when I get back:
  • 40,35,21 = Conservative, Moderate, Liberal
  • 37,36,28 = Independent, Democrat, Republican
  • Another Conservative Republican scumbag having an affair with his campaign aide = John Ensign
  • Senate health care work begins.
  • Burr backs tobacco.
  • Latest Burr poll: 29% For, 49% Against, 22% Unsure.
  • Tracking Burr in the blogs.
  • Bush - The role of government is to allow the private sector to create wealth? We saw just how well his Republican administration did on that front. $50 Trillion in worldwide wealth gone in the last year, poof. American net worth up 5% during his 8 year administration, while inflation was over 19%. That was wealth destruction, on a massive scale. Good job George. Good job Republicans.
  • If no decent Republican steps to the plate to challenge Burr, then those of us turning our backs on the failures of our Republican party might have an acceptable alternative in Democrat Cal Cunningham. I hope Cal runs.
  • "Republicans soften criticism of Obama over Iran." Someone forgot to tell my party's leaders ... shut the heck up. You got your butts kicked in the last election, for good reason. So just shut up. We don't want to hear from you right now. Simply sit in the corner for the next 8 years and keep quiet.
  • It's going to take 15 years to recover from this Republican debacle.
  • Number of Americans on welfare is going through the roof. Nice job Republicans. Nice job.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Flow of funds report - Republicans FAILED

Our Government tracks our net worth. It's a detailed, very lengthy report that comes from the Federal Reserve Board. The latest report was released on June 11, 2009. It's actually a pretty interesting report and you can find it here. It's 124 pages long, but don't let that scare you. The page you really need to focus on is B.100, Balance Sheet of Households. You'll find it on page 110 of 124 of the PDF document (actual page number is 102). And the net worth number is indicated on line 42 of that page. American households have a net worth of $50.3 Trillion.

Here's some interesting tidbits about our assets and liabilities(debt):

  • $13.7 Trillion is the amount of total debt we owe (line 32).
  • Of that:
  • $10.5 Trillion - mortgage debt (line 33).
  • $2.5 Trillion - credit cards, auto loans, et al. (line 34).
  • $17.8 Trillion - homes (line 4).
  • $4 Trillion - what we've lost in home value since 2006 (line 4).
  • $7.8 Trillion, our biggest asset, cash in the bank (line 9).
  • $4.2 Trillion - bonds we hold (line 14).
  • $5.1 Trillion - stocks (line 24).
  • $3.3 Trillion - mutual funds (line 25).
  • $9.9 Trillion - pension plans (line 28).
  • $7.1 Trillion - our private businesses (line 29).
Add up all our assets ($64.5 Trillion, line 1) and back away all our liabilities ($14.1 Trillion, line 31) and you arrive at our $50.3 Trillion net worth.

There is one major flaw in looking at only this report as a gauge of how much we're worth. There's a massive number that's missing from this report. The debt of the Federal Government is a future obligation of every American citizen. So that debt should be reflected on the balance sheet of American households. As of June 10, the US Public Debt outstanding is $11.3 Trillion. Backing that number away from our net worth, and Americans are really only worth $39 Trillion.

This balance sheet is THE REPORT CARD for our government. If they are managing our economy correctly, our net worth per person will grow over time. Our standard of living will rise.

What kind of job did the Republican Party do in managing our net worth? I went back and looked. This report today was as of Q1 2009, the quarter that George Bush went out of office. He came in office Q1 2001. Our balance sheet from 2001 is located here. This is how the Republican Party performed during the Bush years:

2001 - $39.5 Trillion US Household net worth (here, line 43) less $5.7 Trillion US Government Debt (here, search on March 30, 2001) = $33.8 Trillion, divided by the US population of 278 Million in 2001 = $121,583 average net worth per US citizen when George and the Republicans came to power.

2009 - $50.4 Trillion US Household net worth less $11.3 Trillion US Government Debt = $39.1 Trillion, divided by the US population of 305 Million in 2009 = $128,197 average net worth per US citizen when George left office.

That's per person. Sounds too high, doesn't it? That means a family of four should have a net worth of $480 K to just be average. It's high because our wealth concentration in this country is massively out of control. The top 1% of Americans control 34% of our nation's wealth. These 3 Million Americans have an average net worth of $4.4 Million each. The bottom 40% of Americans control less than 1% of our nation's wealth. So these 122 Million Americans are worth next to nothing.

The bottom line is that George and the Republican party took us from $121 K up to $128 K per person net worth over an eight year period. Good, right? No. Horrible.

Over 8 years, our net worth grew only 5.4%. During that time, inflation was 19.8%, as measured by this cost of living index calculator, from 2001 to 2009. Bottom line, our net worth, in real terms went down BIG. Thank you George Bush. Thank you Republican Party. Your policies made us poorer in real dollar terms. You did one hell of a miserable job in managing our economy. And it's time for you to get the boot.

Our worthless Senator Richard Burr is part of this miserable group of Republicans who've made us poorer over his tenure in office. It's time to dish out punishment. It's time to boot this do-nothing Senator out of office. North Carolina deserves better.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Why Republicans are losers

My Republican Party is a party of losers. We are losers because we choose losers to lead our party. And one of the biggest losers of all is Newt Gingrich.

Newt was our party's keynote speaker a couple of nights ago at a fundraising dinner for the Republican House and Senate campaign committees. We're supposedly a party of self-reliance and personal responsibility. Newt Gingrich:
  • Bounced 22 checks.
  • Was a draft dodger.
  • Showed up at his wife's hospital bed (after cancer surgery) seeking agreements in divorce talks.
  • Had to be taken to court and forced to support his children.
  • Used his political power and influence to get his wife a job.
  • Was caught having sex with the wife of his campaign aide.
  • Had affairs with his Congressional aides.
This man is scum. He's bad news. He's trouble. And he's viewed as the leader of the Republican Party? What the hell is wrong with us that we look to such morally corrupt people to lead our Party? How in the world can we talk about personal responsibility and self-reliance when we have a scumbag like Newt Gingrich carrying our banner?

I have to ask again, are my fellow Republicans insane?

ENOUGH. I've had more than enough of the lunacy going on within the Republican Party. We absolutely must throw out of office every Republican who served since 2000. Within the group of Republican politicians in Washington DC now, I don't hear a single voice crying out about the necessity of getting rid of Newt Gingrich. So, let's clean house. Let's get rid of every Republican who saddles up next to Newt. And that's just about every Republican in office now, including North Carolina Senator Richard Burr.

Senator Burr needs to go. We need to vote this man out of office. North Carolina deserves better.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A special message to NC Politicians

You want to do right by the citizens of North Carolina in addressing this Easley-Oblinger mess? Get off your duff and:
  1. Make the firing, for cause, of both Jim Oblinger and Larry Neilsen happen, like yesterday.
  2. Put a complete halt to this ridiculous 6 month salary transition when administrators step down and return to the faculty.
  3. Make our $150+ K college professors teach a minimum of 6 courses a year - or get their entire salary funded from non-public sources.
  4. Force Erskine Bowles to resign - he failed to fire both Oblinger and Neilsen - he failed to decisively act in the best interests of the tax paying citizens of North Carolina.
Here's the absolute bottom line folks - both Oblinger and Neilsen are liars. When we catch college students cheating on exams, we expel them. And they don't get tuition reimbursement. Yet when we catch college administrators in blatant lies, we allow them to step down and pay them handsomely?

How do we explain this to our college age children? How do we explain these things to tuition paying parents meeting around the kitchen tables and staring at checkbooks with negative balances, or staring at the ceiling in sleepless nights?

My gosh, wake the hell up, and do what's RIGHT. Oblinger and Neilsen MUST go. Yesterday. And at zero cost to the taxpayers of North Carolina.

Does Senator Burr have any expertise?

Senator Burr prides himself on being in a leadership position in the Senate on Veteran issues. Like all Americans, I think the US Government needs to help our Veterans a little more than the rest of us. Veterans deserve the help. They put their lives on the line in service to our country. But that's about it when it comes to Senator's Burr leadership in the Senate - Veteran's Affairs. Just how far does that go in helping all our state's citizens?

Let's get a few things straight here about our Senator's pride in being the leader on Veterans' issues:
  1. Only 13% of our state's citizens are Veterans.
  2. What's the Senator doing to address the issues of the other 87% of the citizens of North Carolina?
  3. It was surprising for me to learn that North Carolina has fewer veterans as a percentage of our population than many other states. There are a large number of states with 14,15,16% of their population being veterans. So why is it that North Carolina Senator Burr leads this effort in the Senate? Maybe, he's not qualified to take on any of the tough issues?
The problem for Senator Burr right now is that ALL the major issues facing our country are in areas where he's demonstrated little knowledge or expertise. I've never heard the man talk or write intelligently about a single economic issue. How in the world is our Republican Senator going to help our citizens find gainful employment? How is he going to address the issues in our financial system and markets? How is he going to help us resolve the health care crises? How is he going to tackle the problems of higher education costs being out of control?

Keep in mind, when our nation recently faced a banking crises, Senator Richard's Burr answer was to encourage his wife to withdraw as much cash as possible from their personal accounts. That's his demonstrated level of expertise on economic issues.

Senator Burr is a man without the skills or knowledge to tackle the primary problems our nation faces. He has his brain wrapped around helping 13% of the citizens of North Carolina, while the economic and financial problems facing the entire state, and entire nation, lack coherent and intelligent input from all our state's political representatives. It's time to give this man the boot. It's time to vote against Senator Burr in the next election.

Is Burr really accomplishing anything on health care?

Senator Burr has put forward a Republican supported proposal to address our nation's health care woes. From several articles I read, there's little to no change from the McCain plan. So a reasonable person has to wonder just how much thought and work the Senator actually did. On the surface, it certainly appears that Senator Burr is riding the coattails and hard work of others. But what else is new with our worthless Republican Senator?

I have not studied the proposal in detail. I intend to do so soon and note my observations here. I also hope to use the Senator's proposal, run the numbers, and see how it impacts my personal situation. That's going to be extremely tough for many reasons. With all the deductions, donut holes, and co-pays, it's often next to impossible to compare plans unless you run a myriad of different scenarios. And for the Senator's proposal to work, the for-profit companies in the industry will have to reduce their pricing to account for a greater number of people being covered. Whether they'll do that, and by how much, is a subjective, debatable issue. So, I'm not sure how much progress we'll be able to make in assessing the Republican proposal.

To listen to Republicans on health care, Americans don't want the government to get in the middle of them and their doctors. Really? There was a CNN poll recently released. 63% of Americans want direct government involvement in health care if it will cover more people and bring down costs. I guess that's not surprising given that 60% of bankruptcies in our nation result from health care bills.

This is what I can't get over though - why is it that Republican messages are never in step with where America stands on the key issues? It happens time and again. Republicans put forward a health care plan and deliver a message that they want to keep government out of health care. But the majority of America wants direct government involvement in health care issues. Go figure. It's like our Republican Party just can't bring itself to represent the wishes of the majority of America. That's a recipe for being a perpetual minority party.

I'm fed up with our current Republican political leaders. But I'm really fed up with our State's Republican Senator Richard Burr. Our Senator takes the work of others and puts his name on it. He addresses issues with messages that aren't supported by the majority of America. He's out to lunch and clueless. We need to throw this man out of office. North Carolina deserves better.

Welcome - reader comments, but

Reader comments posted to this blog are welcome. It's interesting to hear from readers. And I'm hearing from a number of people. For a reason I've yet to understand, there's a greater reluctance to post a comment on a blog, than to send an email directly to the blog writer. I receive far more emails than I get posts to the blog. Why is that?

I should start posting some of the emails, but I'm just too darn busy to start sending emails back and forth asking permission to post. So, I'm encouraging folks just to post a comment here, instead of firing me an email. But if you simply don't want to post, but prefer email, I'll do my best to respond. At some point though, the emails will be chewing up too much of my time. So please forgive me if you don't hear back.

The one thing that really bothers me about posts though is the issue of honesty. I had two very active comment posters yesterday. One indicated he was a college student in Winston-Salem and another a Democrat posting from North Carolina. Successive posts from these two people were happening within minutes of each other, and while they were happening, the hits I was getting from the "u.s. senate sergeant at arms" server was spinning out of control. A rational person would conclude that the college student in Winston and the Democrat in North Carolina were both Burr staff or campaign members sitting in Washington DC.

Other suspicious activity was happening on the Burr grading site. I pointed folks to that site in a post here. Within days, a flurry of activity happens where close to 200 voters show up within a short time giving the Senator an A+ on most fronts. Then I point this suspicious activity out, and suddenly we get a perplexing mix of bad comments but good grades. Again, a reasonable person could only suspect that Senator Burr's staff is working overtime to stuff the ballot box.

Let's be honest. Let's not lie. Let's not cheat. Let's not steal. Let's change the direction of politics in America. Let's finally have open and honest discussions about the issues and stop all the dirty crap that goes on in politics in America ... crap that's more associated with Republicans, than with Democrats. It's time to turn the tide.

In the mean time, I would still like to see our sorry Republican US Senator Richard Burr thrown out of office, especially if it is his staff who are lying and stuffing the ballot box. And the sad part is that I would not put it past this Senator to encourage this kind of crap. So let's kick Senator Richard Burr to the curb. North Carolina deserves better than Richard Burr.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm one heck of an angry Republican

I've been pounding away on our absolutely worthless Republican Senator Richard Burr for a couple months now. I was thinking about my anger this weekend. Yep. I'm one heck of an angry Republican. I'm angry at my own inept party. In my opinion, the financial crisis we're enduring is the direct result of many, many misguided policies brought to us by 8 years of a worthless Republican President George W Bush, and a worthless Republican controlled Congress for 6 of those 8 years. And Senator Burr contributed to bringing us this financial mess. And now it's time to dish out the punishment. We need to vote this man out of office.

But make no mistake about this fact, I am a Republican. And once we've cleaned house of the Republicans who screwed our country up, it'll be time to be less angry, and work hard to support the Republican Party again. Punishment first. Healing and reconciliation later. I'm looking forward to being less angry, and eventually to the point of feeling good again about being a Republican. And seeing Senator Burr leave Washington DC will be a major step in that healing process.

But as long as Senator Richard Burr serves in the US Senate, I'm focusing my political efforts to holding him accountable for contributing to our country's current financial predicament. And the only acceptable solution is to boot this sorry Republican out of office. As I've indicated here before, and I'll probably type here a hundred more times before the next election, you've got to tear the old house down before you build a new house.

Let's do some demolishing in the Republican Party in North Carolina. Let's rid ourselves of the worthless Republicans who brought us this financial crisis. Let's do this so we can position ourselves for new faces, a new message, and a fresh attempt at rebuilding our party on a new foundation. That means Republican Senator Richard Burr needs to go. North Carolina deserves better.

Are all my fellow Republicans insane ?

It's 1:30 am. I've been reading and researching for about 5 straight, intense hours now. I have capital to put to use and am on the hunt for my next series of trades. As the evening draws to a close, I run across this article. Republican Congressman Mark Kirk is returning from a trip to China and debriefing the US press. My immediate reaction to his comments:


This idiot, Republican Congressman Mark Kirk, is so damn reckless with his public comments that they could wind up destroying BILLIONS in capital when trading opens tomorrow. His comments border on being criminal:
  • It's clear that China would like to diversify from its dollar investments.
  • Kirk said that Chinese leaders were sharply critical in private of the US Federal Reserve's policy of "quantitative easing".
  • He said he told the Chinese that the budget deficit could be even bigger than predicted, due in part to the rising costs to the US economy of health care.
  • One of the messages I had -- because we need to build trust and confidence in our number one creditor -- is that the budget numbers that the US government has put forward should not be believed.
  • Congress is actually going to spend quite a bit more.
These kind of reckless, irresponsible comments are exactly the kind of comments that cause a run on the dollar, rising interest rates, and panic. Someone needs to shut this stupid assed Republican up before he causes the next $50 Trillion in worldwide wealth destruction.

My gosh, is there not a Republican left in America with half a brain?

ENOUGH. It's time to rid ourselves of idiots who didn't learn that standing in front of the world and uttering over and over "this is the biggest crisis since the great depression" wasn't the smartest damn thing that could have been done. You just don't shoot off your mouth in public about issues that could cause concern and panic in the financial markets.

ENOUGH of idiot Republicans. ENOUGH of Senator Richard Burr and his idiot Republican Congressional colleagues. Send these morons packing in the next election, before they crater the entire world economy. North Carolina, and the world, deserve better.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Do you Drudge?

Do you go to Drudge? I'm there once, twice, three times a day. It's a right wing rag. They rail on the Democrats and President Obama and support the nut job conservative Republicans who screwed up our economy. But they also do a decent job of giving you a heads up to the key news driving the securities markets. So, I Drudge daily.

Today, Drudge is going overboard with this theme of Conservatives winning big at the polls in the EU over the Socialist leaning parties. Their headline is "US MOVES LEFT, EU GOES RIGHT". Nah. Drudge has it all wrong.

You want to really know what's going on in our world on the political front? If you make peoples' lives better, they'll keep you in office. If you mismanage the government and economy so that people can't find jobs, and their savings decline in value, they're going to vote you out of office. It really is that simple.

Republicans were in control of our country over the last 8 years. Our economy now sucks. Our savings are gone. Our people can't find work. Voters won't think a millisecond about who they're voting for and why. They're just going to kick the existing sorry people out of office, and put new people in office.

Senator Richard Burr is a sorry existing US Senator who served while this economic mess was being created. Hey, I can think of few better reasons to kick this man to the curb in the next election. Watch. It's going to happen. Yep, it really is that simple.

Scandal of epic proportions in North Carolina

We have a massive scandal going on right now in North Carolina. It's one hell of a mess. And before it's over, people will go to jail. People will be fired. Others will lose face. And many, many voters in North Carolina will be madder than hell.

It all started with former Democratic Governor Mike Easley. Mike appointed his friends to positions of power and influence. Those friends rewarded Mike with free trips on airplanes and possibly sweetheart real estate deals. They gave his family new automobiles to be used free of charge. Mike was dumb enough to accept these gifts. It got worse. They hired Mike's wife and gave her an eye-popping increase in salary. People who did the hiring lied about the details at every turn. And the truth didn't spill out until a federal prosecutor got involved. There are so many interconnections and favors going around that it's a head spinning maze. It's a real mess.

Lots of aspects of what's happened are likely criminal. The unreported free trips could be viewed as payment for favors. And depending on how sweet the real estate deals were, they could also be viewed as payment for favors. And there's so much lying, cheating and stealing happening now by the administrators of our university system that average citizens are readying torches and molotov cocktails to seek vengeance. The anger is boiling over. There's a grand jury hearing evidence as I type this post. It's going to get ugly.

Now, I'm going to shock you even more. I blame BOTH of our sitting US Senators for this mess not getting cleaned up. I don't care that they serve in the US Government and not in the State Government. When there are critical issues facing the people of North Carolina, all of our primary political leaders need to communicate clearly about what needs to be done. And they need to work to make it happen. I am hearing NOTHING from US Senators Richard Burr, or Kay Hagan. These two clueless clowns better get off their sorry tails and weigh-in, and show leadership. They need to be expressing opinions on what needs to happen to clean this mess up. And they need to be using their influence to get the cleanup underway.

I can tell you what the people of North Carolina want to see happen. They want people to go to jail. They want every person within our university system who was involved in ANY facet of the hiring or approval of hiring of Ms. Easley to be fired, for cause. That includes Erskine Bowles, James L. Oblinger, and Larry Neilson. There also needs to be a halt to this ridiculous system of paying people handsomely when they step down from administration and go back into the faculty. And my god, how in the hell can we find ourselves in a situation where we pay a university professor $160 K a year to teach a single course? The crap that has come to light is simply shocking.

Is this mess getting cleaned up to the satisfaction of the people of North Carolina? No. More of the same is happening. Exit packages and lavish pay are being given to those who take the fall. But the anger will continue to build. And eventually many more heads will roll until someone steps into this mess and severely punishes everyone involved.

Right now Erskine Bowles is trying to sweep this under the carpet. It won't be anywhere near over until his sorry tail is swept out of his position. The man was a failure as a Board Member of both GM and Morgan Stanley - asleep at the wheel, his lax oversight wound up costing shareholders hundreds of billions in lost wealth. He's an even bigger failure in the weak actions he's now taking, as the Chancellor of the UNC System, in feeble attempts to clean this mess up. He's a disgrace to North Carolina and needs to go.

There are so very many issues that have come to the surface as a result of the uncovering of this mess. And I'll be posting about them in the coming days and weeks.

But it's yet another reason to kick our sorry Senator Richard Burr out of office. We need leadership now. And Senator Burr is nowhere to be found. What else is new? Let's get rid of this sorry man in the next election. We're just darn tired of Senator Burr hiding in his office as Rome burns. North Carolina deserves better.

Erratic posting pattern upcoming

Up until now, I kept a consistent schedule. I told myself I'd dedicate about 15 to 30 minutes each workday to pound out a single daily post outlining why we need to send our sorry Republican Senator Richard Burr packing. I've religiously adhered to that schedule, but it's going to change in the coming days and weeks. It'll be much more erratic. At times I might post multiple times a day. And there will be days, and maybe as much as a week, or two, where I won't be posting.

My motivation here is clear. Although I am a loyal and long-time Republican, I recognize that our party has gone astray. This economic mess we find ourselves in is the direct result of absolutely horrible Republican oversight of our country. It came from an 8 year run of a Republican in the White House, and 6 of the last 8 years with a Republican controlled Congress. Republicans are directly responsible for this mess. And we need to punish every single Republican who served during the last 8 years. That includes Senator Richard Burr. We need to punish the sorry Senator by voting him out of office.

My goal is also clear. Will I make a huge difference with this blog? No. I don't expect so. But I'm not going to sit on my butt and do nothing. I simply want a large number of blog posts to be sitting out there in cyberspace and subject to showing up in search results. I want these posts to cover a wide number of topics with explanation why we need to send this sorry Republican Senator packing. And I want it to be clear that I am a Republican, but I understand that our nation's woes are Republican woes, and we absolutely must punish the Republicans who laid this mess on our doorsteps.

But so far, I'm encouraged by what's happening here. Each and every day the number of visitors to this blog trends higher. Each and every day I'm receiving growing numbers of email messages from readers. The hits to this blog are coming from a wider and wider array of towns and cities across our state. Each and every day I'm adding to the numbers of interactions I have with voters in North Carolina. So although my impact may be just small, I am going to have an impact. And that knowledge keeps me motivated to spend my time in this effort.

What do I think will happen as a result of my efforts? As we draw closer to the election 16 months from now, I'll have so darn many posts sitting out there in cyberspace that are critical of our do nothing Senator, that I very well may influence a few votes. Other like-minded Republicans will know that there are fellow Republicans who understand the need to clean house in our party. It's time for a retooled message. More importantly, it's past time to rid ourselves of those worthless people who failed our nation. We need new faces, new voices in our party. And if we can't find them in our party, we need to give the other party a shot at doing a better job than we've done. I'm not a fan of the Democrats, but really, can it get any worse than the 10% unemployment, $50 Trillion in worldwide wealth destroyed, and runaway Health, Education and Energy costs brought to us by our sorry Republican political leadership?

Why are my posts going to be more erratic? It's summer. I'll be traveling more. I'll be spending more time in rural North Carolina helping my folks with their rental properties. More importantly, I'll be touching base and conversing often with rural folks in our state. I'll see first hand just how badly this Republican economic mess has impacted their lives. I'll be talking to these rural folks about politics. And I'll be working to influence their votes so they too will be in the mood to throw out of office the Republican bums who brought us this economic mess.

But the effort continues. We need to get rid of our sorry Republican Senator Richard Burr. I'm one North Carolina Republican who can't wait for the opportunity to send this man packing. We've had ENOUGH. And North Carolina simply deserves better.

Senator Burr: Absent. Where is the man?

Well, yet another couple weeks have gone by. I've been sitting most every day in front of computer screens, surfing, trading our financial markets and monitoring the news. And I've been watching about every channel - CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC. And still, not a single sighting of my state's Republican Senator.

With all the important stuff going on in Washington DC these days, you'd think the man would show his face somewhere. Maybe I'd catch a glance of him running down the halls to an important meeting? Fat chance. Senator Richard Burr is nowhere to be found. He's simply not important, not important to anything or anyone in Washington DC. If the man's even there, he's probably carrying around a waste basket to help clean up the mess left by the other Senators. That's all I can figure.

Our economy is in shambles. Our people are out of work. Our health care system is broken. Our retirement and college savings have been stolen. Corporate executives reward themselves for failure. We spend massive amounts of borrowed money on foreign wars. And North Carolina's Republican Senator is nowhere to be seen. Enough.

I'm one North Carolina Republican who can't wait to vote do-nothing Senator Richard Burr out of office. We need someone in Washington DC who's a player, someone respected who can get in there and mix it up and get things done, then come to the camera and let us know what they're doing and how their efforts are going to help solve our nation's challenges. That isn't Senator Richard Burr. So let's throw this man out of office.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Who will run against Burr?

This is a special weekend post. I normally take the weekends off from my pounding on our totally worthless Republican Senator Richard Burr. But I had to post something about this key issue - who is going to run against Senator Burr?

That's a problem. No Republican will step forward to challenge our sitting Republican Senator. That's a huge mistake because this worthless Senator just begs to be challenged. Any Republican challenger who can walk and chew gum has my vote, and I suspect the votes too of a majority of reasonable and rational North Carolina Republicans. He or she would be a vast improvement to Senator Burr.

The Democrats have an even bigger problem. Every single Democrat I can think of in our State Government, with name recognition, is dumber than dirt. Yep. I just said that. And unfortunately, we have bigger Democratic idiots in Raleigh than we have Republican idiots representing us in Washington DC. Our poor State just seems to breed idiot State politicians.

Roy Cooper, our Attorney General, was rumored to be running. President Obama even tried to personally convince Roy to run. And various polls indicated that a face-off with Senator Burr would lead Roy to become Senator Roy. But I can tell you this. If Roy entered the race, I would throw up my hands, shut down this blog, and move the hell out of North Carolina.

Roy Cooper spends his time doing idiotic things that are meaningless to normal people. He's nowhere to be seen on the important stuff. He's worse than Richard Burr. While the Enron issues were raging years ago and Corporate Governance was THE hot topic nationwide, Roy was nowhere to be seen. While both North Carolina headquartered Bank of America and Wachovia were being burned to the ground and shareholders losing 100s of Billions, Roy was nowhere to be seen. While executives were leaving North Carolina based Wachovia with $100 Million in exit packages after shareholders lost 10s of Billions, Roy was nowhere to be seen. Roy is more worthless than Senator Burr. Roy knows absolutely NOTHING about economic and business issues.

Today, I'm reading that our Secretary of State, Elaine Marshall is considering running against Senator Burr. If Elaine runs, I'm going to shut down this blog, pack my family up, and move the hell out of this State. Sound familiar? On top of that though, I'd probably mail a fat check to Senator Richard Burr to help in his re-election campaign before I leave. Yep. I just said that. Elaine is worse than Roy and Richard.

I can remember years ago when Enron was going to hell and our stock markets were crashing, Elaine was using state income tax money to run some really stupid commercial that showed her in front of a safe. She looked and sounded like an idiot. What was the commercial about? What was its message? I have no idea. I couldn't stop laughing at her long enough to understand exactly why she spent our state's income tax money on a commercial that was so very stupid. IMHO, the woman comes across dumber than NC red clay. She knows less about business and economics than my 4th grade daughter.

So we have a problem. And I don't know how its going to be resolved. But its a key issue that I personally think about at least once every couple days. We just don't have a deep bench of talent in our state.

There is one man who should run. He's a sitting Democratic US Congressman. He's extremely intelligent on business and economic issues. I would beat a path to his doorstep in a microsecond with a check in hand and offer up every second of my free time to get this man elected. I've heard him often in committee hearings. I have listened to him pose intelligent questions to business executives. He understands the key business and economic issues our country faces. And he would be a tremendous asset to North Carolina in representing us in the US Senate. But he won't run. I know this because I've spoken with a person who works closely with him. He's simply comfortable with the status he currently has in Congress.

So, what to do? I just don't know. But if Roy, Elaine, or just about any of the other idiot North Carolina politicians who currently serve in Raleigh, were to be the only alternatives, then the life of this blog might come to an abrupt end.

Hopefully that won't happen. I just can't face the thought of six more years of a worthless Republican Senator staying in office after he contributed to this horrendous economic mess that we face in America today. Senator Richard Burr needs to be sent packing.

Stay tuned.

Friday, June 5, 2009

How's your IRA and 529 doing?

We've had a fairly powerful rally in the financial markets over the last couple of months. It's a good thing too, because at the low point in January, the world had lost over $50 Trillion in wealth in this financial crisis. But we have not fully recovered. Not by a long shot. Most markets are still down over 30% from one year ago today. How are your IRA, 401 K, Coverdale and/or 529 college savings accounts doing? If you're like many of my friends and family, you've still seen 1/3rd or more of your savings wiped off the map over the last 12 months.

And who's to blame for this mess? REPUBLICANS. Our Senator Richard Burr is to blame.

I've been thinking alot about this crises over the last couple of weeks. In the coming weeks and months I'll have posts here that spell out why the Republican Party is directly responsible for this mess. Yes, the Republican party is responsible for destroying our retirements and our college savings. And now it's time to dish out punishment.

It's time for Senator Richard Burr to get his sorry tail kicked out on the street. He helped bring us this financial mess. He helped destroy the savings of the hard working people of North Carolina. It's time to punish this sorry Senator. Vote against Senator Richard Burr in the next election. North Carolina deserves better.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rahm Emanuel explains Republican failures

There was a really interesting article on Bloomberg about Rahm Emanuel. Rahm is President Obama's Chief of Staff and a former Democratic Congressman. He has a reputation of rough and tumble politics. He's a foul mouthed, hard charging individual. Yet he's also a study in contrasts. He went to a small, private liberal arts school that was once an all-girls school. And he spent his early career in the ballet. Yep, contrasts all right.

Here's the thing that really impresses me after reading this article. Rahm reaches across the isle. He talks often and socializes often with Republicans. He invites them to White House functions for face time with President Obama. He dines with them. He works out with them. And although I suspect he often speaks ill of Republicans, I've never heard him do so in public.

George Bush often liked to talk a big game about reaching across the isle. The problem was that I never saw or read any evidence of that being the case. I always heard, saw and read about the Republican attack machine working at full throttle to do anything and everything to discredit Democrats. And look where that got us, $50 Trillion poorer worldwide.

Compare Rahm and President Obama's efforts to work with Republicans, to those of our Republican Senator Richard Burr's efforts to work in earnest with Democrats. EVERY SINGLE TIME I've heard Senator Richard Burr speak, he's bad-mouthed President Obama, in a very bad way. Granted, I haven't heard or seen Senator Richard Burr often. The man's mostly in hiding. But the few times I've seen and heard him, he's hasn't missed a beat in slinging mud. And I'm just plain sick of this piss poor attitude. I'm sick of Republicans who can't keep their mouths shut if they don't have anything nice to say about those on the other side of the isle. I'm sick of Republicans who feel that their sole purpose in life is to bad mouth the opposing party, no matter what. We need more Rahm's in Washington DC. We need fewer Senator Richard Burrs. It's important that we have healthy debates and opposing views. But it's more important that our political process is civil and we find ways to work together and compromise.

Folks, its just time to throw our mud slinging Republican Senator Richard Burr out on the streets. We don't need a man in office who makes it his sole purpose in life to bad-mouth our President at every turn. We need someone who can make a case for his own views, contrast those views with the views of the opposing party, and find ways to reach compromise and get things done in Washington DC. That's not Senator Richard Burr. North Carolina deserves better. Richard Burr needs to go.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The new Republican message is BUNK #2

The second big theme that Republicans are pounding on over and over is the need to cut deficits drastically. Look, I'm all for a balanced budget. I want our country to run a balanced budget. But it has to be done over an intermediate term.

Life has it's ups and downs. And we need to navigate smartly through both ups and downs. We can't spend like drunken sailors both when times are good AND when times are bad. When the economy is firing on all cylinders and we're bringing in tax money, we MUST clamp down on our spending, save our surpluses, pay down debt, and tuck away money for the bad times.

We didn't do this when Republicans ran Washington DC in the Bush Administration. We cut taxes irresponsibly. We spent big. We took surpluses and turned them into massive deficits. We did that under the theory that it'd boost our economy even more. We heard terms like "trickle down" and "return the people's money to the people". We had good times, and we spent every damn dime we brought in, and more. Republicans failed to pay down debt and tuck away for today's rainy days. Our Republican political leaders failed Americans.

It's now one heck of a rainy day. Our economy is in the dumps. Times like this are the exact time that our government needs to step to the plate and spend. They need to spend to replace the lack of consumer spending. They need to float debt and soak up the extra savings, then turn around and put that money right back into the economy.

Our Republican, Bush Administration leaders really screwed this situation up. They failed to manage our budgets properly to prepare us for these rainy days. And now they are the first to step to the microphone and bitch and complain about all the spending that we now have to do to keep our economy afloat. These Republicans are irresponsible. These Republicans are idiots who can't responsibly manage our nation's finances. They need to be thrown out of office.

But it's time to punish the Republicans who put this financial crises on our doorsteps. It's time to punish every Republican who served during the Bush Administration. They didn't manage our checkbook correctly. They spent all our money when we had a decent economy. And now that we don't have those savings to fall back on, we're trapped into having to spend even more to work our way out of this mess. They don't have a foot to stand on when it comes to complaining. But they are whining and moaning like children. ENOUGH.

It's time to give Republican Senator Richard Burr his walking papers. Senator Burr doesn't know how to manage a checkbook. Senator Burr is a failure of a Senator who didn't position our country well when we had a good economy. Senator Burr spent money like crazy and cut taxes like an irresponsible mad man, and now we're paying the price of his mismanagement. ENOUGH. Throw this sorry Senator out of office. North Carolina deserves better.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The new Republican message is BUNK #1

Republicans have a new message. They think we need to stop the bailouts and cut the deficits. They complain that we should never have stepped in to bail out the too big to fail companies operating in our economy. They are wrong.

One of the more unfortunate aspects of what I do for a living is that I have to sit in front of a monitor with business news blaring at me all day long. It does get tiring. And I often must click on the mute button. Lately, I've had to give that mute button a real workout. Why? Because we've recently had a steady stream of right wing, ultra conservative Republicans come on the air and flap their jaws about how the government needs to stay out of the way of business. To listen to these Republicans talk, you'd feel it sinful that the government is providing any aide at all to GM, Chrysler, or any of our nation's Banks. They can't stand the fact that we aren't allowing these businesses to simply declare bankruptcy.

Republicans whining about not allowing these massive corporations to declare bankruptcy and disappear are simply idiots. They don't trade their own capital to make a living. They don't live, breathe, eat and sleep the financial markets. Yet they think and act like experts on business and economics. But they really don't have a clue what would happen to our world's economic system if we were to ignore the problems of AIG, any of the major banks, or any of the major auto manufacturers.

I know what would happen because each and every day I live the emotions and reality of this Republican mess as I trade our financial markets. If we didn't have government intervention, we would go into a complete financial meltdown. We would be in an economic environment where 25% or more of our nation would be unemployed. Our investments and savings would be down 70,80,90% right now. A death spiral would ensue. It would be absolutely impossible to correct. There would be social chaos. It's very likely that riots and violence would break out nationwide.

So when you hear a Republican complaining about government involvement in business, when you hear a Republican question why it is that government has to be involved as a backstop to prevent major financial catastrophe, when you hear a Republican insist that the free markets and our bankruptcy courts should serve to address this messed up economy that Republicans put on our doorstep, well, you're listening to an idiot. That idiot needs to shut up. That idiot created a mess of our economy and doesn't understand that he's responsible for cleaning up the mess. That idiot needs to be thrown out of office.

I've had enough of the Republican idiots who are critical of a governmental role of backstopping our financial system. It time to click on the mute button when they talk. It's time to vote these idiots out of office. And North Carolina Senator Richard Burr needs to get the boot right along with the other idiot Republican politicians who brought us this mess, and now don't want to be responsible for cleaning it up. North Carolina deserves better. It's time to vote against this sorry Senator in the next election.

Monday, June 1, 2009

The new Republican message is BUNK

Have you noticed? Republicans brought us this massive financial crises. The crises led to the destruction of $50 Trillion in worldwide wealth. Americans' retirement and college savings have been brutally pummeled. And now more Americans are turning off the Republican party. So, what does the Republican leadership do now? They change their message. What's the new message? It's two fold:
  1. We need to stop the bailouts, rescues and interference with the economy, and
  2. We need to immediately cut deficits, through drastic cuts to spending, and tax cuts for everyone.
This new message is total BUNK. The Republican leaders who dreamed this up are idiots. And if you buy the need to take these actions, I strongly suggest you enroll in an elementary economics course at your local community college. In posts over the next couple days, I'll have more to say about why this two fold message is misguided. But we're in this mess because our Republican leaders are clueless when it comes to economics. And their ignorance has one heck of a high price tag - $50 Trillion in wealth destroyed.

We've had enough of the Republican ignorance as it pertains to managing our economy. We've had enough of the damage that ignorance has done to our savings. It's time to dish our punishment to the Republicans who brought us this mess. It's time to send Senator Richard Burr packing. The man was in office, doing nothing, when this crises came about. He's responsible. And we need to serve walking papers to this worthless Senator. North Carolina deserves better. Give Republican Senator Richard Burr the boot.