Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Turkey Time Mental Break

I'm in need of a mental break. No more posts from now through Thanksgiving weekend.

Whoops. I meant YE '09. Bought a new house. Selling the old one. Busy, Busy, Busy.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

You support Burr? Then you love bankers, right?

Ask Senator Richard Burr where he stands on the debate about banking in our country.

That small handful of massive banks that took our world economy to the brink of disaster, do they need to be broken up? Burr doesn't think so. He thinks government needs to keep its hands off our nation's corporations.

Those bankers who make egregious salaries on the backs of customers who pay egregious interest rates and an endless string of fees, do those bankers deserve a mandate to drastically cut their compensation? Burr doesn't think so. He isn't lifting a finger to rein in bankers' pay.

Those banking CEOs who walked on the wild side of risk taking and almost burned our world economy to the ground, should they be punished? I don't see Burr leading a charge to bring bankers to account for the Trillions in wealth they destroyed.

The bottom line is that Richard Burr isn't doing one damn thing to punish a single banker in this nation.

I grew up in North Carolina. My parents grew up on a North Carolina farm. They were rural folk. And North Carolina rural folk have a common attitude about wrong doing and punishment. When you do something wrong, you get punished. That's all there is to it.

Apparently, Senator Richard Burr doesn't share those rural North Carolina values with his constituents. We have a very large number of bankers in this country who nearly destroyed our entire nation, and they're going unpunished. In fact, just the opposite, they are in line to collect record bonus payouts this year, billions, a mere year after they destroyed our homes, caused millions of our neighbors to stand the unemployment lines, and sent our investments into a tailspin. They collect massive bonus money after our federal government had to borrow Trillions and spend to prop up the economy our bankers broke. Bankers win. Taxpayers lose. Burr doesn't care.

Is this the man you really want to support in the next election? If so, you aren't from North Carolina. Not the North Carolina I know. The North Carolina I know believes when you do something really wrong, you need to be punished. And our nation's bankers need to be punished, severely. And not just with a switch from a weeping willow tree. We need to take one hell of a big pecan tree branch to their sorry banker butts.

The North Carolina I know deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009



I'm a Republican, and I can't wait to kick all the sorry assed Republicans out of Washington DC. We need to clean house of all the wing nuts, and every Republican who served during the Bush Administration. The sooner, the better.

So, how's it going?

I'd love nothing more than Richard Burr to be unpacking his boxes in Winston-Salem one year from now. We need that idiot gone from Washington DC. We need a moderate Republican in his place, or a Democrat. Anyone but wing nut Burr. So how's my contribution to this effort going so far?


My hit count grows significantly each and every week. More importantly, a greater proportion of the hits come from key word searches. My goal has always been to get a ton of content sitting out there addressing a myriad of the key issues voters care about, teamed with the tag "Burr". The more negative, searchable stuff on Burr I have sitting out there in cyberspace, the more likely my posts get read by North Carolina voters. And as we get closer to election time, more and more searches on the keyword Burr will find a screen full of my posts. And not only is my hit count growing daily, but the map of hits from around North Carolina is simply amazing. Good North Carolina folk from the Mountains to the Coast are stopping in for a visit and quick read.

My email is hopping too. I'm getting a ton of emails from people all over North Carolina. And I'm having some interesting exchanges of thought and ideas centered around how we can get our idiot Senator kicked to the curb. Bottom line, my efforts go forward. One more year. One solid year of just one man's effort to get a Republican wing nut removed from Washington DC.

North Carolina simply deserves better than Richard Burr.

Are you a Republican wing nut?

The Republican Party is a bifurcated party. We are a party of moderates and a party of wing nuts. The wing nuts are led by Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Shawn Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly and Larry Kudlow. The wing nuts now control our Party. They are sick people. They are going off the reservation and dragging our country down into an abyss. That faction of the party is ultra conservative. Laissez-Faire is their battle cry. A country with no government and each man for himself is right up their ally. And if we must have government, then it needs to be comprised only of a military which we use to brow beat the world into our way of thinking. Wing nuts are socially intolerant. If you aren't a right-to-life, bible toting, gay hating person, then you aren't American and need to be banned from our country. They run around whining and crying, pointing fingers, and bitching and complaining about anything and everything to do with President Obama and the Democratic Party. They impede progress and have zero solutions. Wing nuts exist only to make trouble. These folks are just plain NUTS.

The reasonable faction of the Republican Party are moderate. Moderates are more sensible. They identify the problems and seek out solutions. They compromise when and where needed. When it comes to fiscal issues, they lean conservative and want our nation to balance our budget. They want less government and not more. But unlike the wing nuts, they're decidedly more moderate when it comes to social issues. Moderates are more tolerant of issues surrounding abortion, gay rights, health care, and of having a more inclusive nation. Unfortunately though, moderates in our party have no one to carry the banner in the press or on TV. They've been shoved aside. And, as a result, they tend either not to vote, or will often cross party lines to vote for the other guys. Why? Because they are simply sick of listening to the wing nuts.

Which are you? Moderate, or wing nut? Our Republican Senator Richard Burr is a wing nut. And as a moderate Republican, I'm tired of listening to wing nuts. I'm tired of wing nuts controlling the voice of our Republican Party. I'm simply tired enough that when I step into the voting booth, I have but one mission in life - vote for anyone other than the wing nut. I'm ready to toss our Wing Nut Republican Senator Richard Burr to the curb. North Carolina simply deserves better than Richard Burr.

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Sky is falling, really

Every Republican I hear on TV is a Chicken Little wannabe. The sky is falling, the sky is falling. We're in real trouble. Our nation is going to hell. Our deficits are out of control. Our taxes are too high. This new health care plan takes away our freedom. Our weak dollar is a real crises. Terrorists are going to blow up our nation.

My gosh, where were these people in 2000-2008 when our country was set on its current path by the Republican Party leadership that controlled Washington DC?

Don't you just hate hypocrites? I've come to realize that my Republican Party is the party of hypocrites. To be a Republican is to be Chicken Little. We must go around clucking about pending doom and gloom.

ENOUGH. We need to rid ourselves of those who whine and complain. We need people in our party who have positive attitudes and put forth solutions, not point fingers and complain about our current state of affairs, which were largely of Republican making. We need to boot people like Republican Senator Richard Burr right out the door, and find someone who doesn't cluck. North Carolina deserves better than Republican Richard Burr.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Obama slams Burr and Republicans

I'm just sick and tired of listening to all the wing-nut Republicans bash Congressional efforts to pass health care legislation. Time and again, nut jobs like Larry Kudlow hammer on Democrats about health care. You know something, I'm a Republican. But I want something done about health care in this nation. Far too many people go without. Far too many people live in fear of having to go to the doctor or hospital. We're the richest nation in the world, yet we can't get affordable medical care. And to listen to Republicans, it's too damn costly, too much trouble, too much of an effort.

President Obama just stepped to the podium to announce that both the AMA and AARP are now behind the health care legislation in the House. Slam-bam. Republicans now look the fools that they are. Larry Kudlow looks an idiot who can't do anything but complain. Shut the hell up. Just shut the hell up Republican political leaders and Republican nut jobs in the press and on TV and Radio. We're sick of you. We're behind anyone who wants to get something accomplished on the health care front. And right now that does not appear to be anyone in the Republican party. So, take a hike Republicans in Washington DC. We've had enough of your crap.

Senator Richard Burr? This man has gotten NOTHING accomplished on the health care front. NOTHING. He's a disgrace to North Carolina. The man needs to go. Kick his sorry butt to the curb in the next election. North Carolina deserves better.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Burr did nothing about insider trading

The FBI arrested 14 more people today for trading on insider information. That makes me pleased, very pleased. You only need to sit behind a trading screen for a couple months to learn what every trader on Wall Street knows - insider trading is rampant. It's been rampant for years. And absolutely nothing was done about it during the 8 years Republicans controlled Washington DC. And that makes me madder than hell.

Senator Richard Burr did nothing about insider trading, not one damn thing. And for that alone, I can not forgive this man. Our nation's securities markets are our single biggest advantage in worldwide commerce. Companies around the world come here to raise money and list their stocks for trading. If we can't instill a sense of fairness and confidence in our securities markets, we'll lose this advantage. And it has gotten so bad in recent years that the average American simply came to believe that our markets were rigged. They were. And Republicans sat on their lazy tails and did absolutely nothing to correct the situation.

North Carolina Republican Richard Burr is a disgrace. This man needs his butt shoved out the door as soon as possible. While Burr and our Republican party were in power, they destroyed our economy and allowed the crooks and thieves on Wall Street to reign supreme. North Carolina simply deserves better than Richard Burr.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Burr Must Go: Republicans brought us this economic mess

Was reading some old posts on my trading centric blog from back in early June '09. This post reminds me of why I have this burning desire to throw out of office every Republican who served during the Bush Administration:

  1. Republican Phil Gramm deregulated the CDS market.
  2. Republican George Bush pushed home ownership on anyone with a pulse.
  3. Republican Alan Greenspan sat on his tail and did nothing about easy sub-prime money.
  4. Republican Chris Cox turned a blind eye to dangerous and rampant securitization.
  5. Republican controlled and laissez-faire preaching Congress did nothing about any of these things.
  6. Republicans threw all this crap in a big economic bowl and cooked up a mess that destroyed $50 Trillion in worldwide wealth.
  7. Americans say to hell with Republicans, and vote for Democrat Barack Obama for President.
  8. Americans put Democrats in power in Congress.
  9. Republican whine.
  10. Republicans cry.
  11. Republicans say that the economy is going to fall from the sky.
  12. Republicans object to saving the banks.
  13. Republicans object to saving the auto companies.
  14. Republican object to spending any money to clean up the massive mess they cook up.
  15. Wouldn't it be funnier than hell if:
  16. We make massive returns on the investments to save the banks?
  17. We make massive returns on the investments to save the auto companies?
  18. We make massive returns on the FED's monetizing of the Treasury's debt issuance?
  19. The economy turns on a dime in a massive way?
  20. The deficits turn into surpluses?
  21. Stranger things have happened.
  22. Republican politicians need to take note, and just shut the hell up.
It's just simply time to send a message to all the Republicans who brought us this economic mess. It's time to give Republican Senator Richard Burr his walking papers. North Carolina deserves better than Richard Burr.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Burr Must Go: Only gets 19% support?

Apparently there are a good number of citizens of North Carolina thinking along the same lines that I think when it comes to our ineffective Republican Senator. In a recent poll, Republican Senator Richard Burr is only getting support from 19% of the respondents.

19%? Pathetic. We really must throw this man to the curb. North Carolina simply deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Burr Must Go: He hides behind "small business"

Our Republican political leaders constantly hide behind the term "small business". Who in the world do they think they are kidding?

We can't do anything to improve our nation's trade balance, it'll harm small business. We can't do anything to reduce higher education costs, it'll harm small business. We can't do anything to make changes to our health care system, it'll harm small business. We can't do anything to improve the environment, it'll harm small business. We can't craft a sensible energy policy, it'll harm small business. We can't do anything about anything, it'll harm small business.


What do Republican political leaders really mean when they use the term small business? They really mean it'll harm the 1% of small business owners who make piles and piles of money. It'll harm the super wealthy of our country. It'll harm our nation's rich citizens. It'll harm the people who have greatly grown their wealth over the last decade at the expense of the vast middle class and the less fortunate Americans, whose incomes have been stagnate. Our Republican political leaders are simply liars when they throw around the term small business. It's their way of protecting the wealthy.

Listen up Republican Politicians. I'm 'effing sick of listening to you jerks cloaking yourselves behind the real small businesses in our nation. Stop it. Stop with the senseless attempts to hide behind small business in order to impede the need to make some serious changes to address serious issues in our country. We know what you really mean. And when you continue to lie about your real intentions, we'll walk into the voting booth and throw your sorry butts to the curb.

Today's classic example of these lies? Republican Congressman Dave Camp of Michigan is out there telling the world that we can't tax the very wealthy in our country because it'll hurt small businesses. Right. Got it. 'effing liar. Tell it like it is Congressman. You object to it because it'll hurt the top 1% of taxpayers. The same top 1% who benefited vastly by the Bush Administration tax cuts that went overwhelmingly to the super wealthy and drove our nation's budget deficits to record levels. It's time to reverse that stupidity. And lying by hiding behind the flag of small business isn't going to win any friends and influence any voters.

Our Republican Senator Richard Burr? He's all about hiding behind small businesses in order to reward and protect the super wealthy. He's one of those typical Republican Politicians who lie when they try to tell us it's not good for "small businesses". I've had enough of his bullshit. Republican Senator Richard Burr needs to be thrown to the curb. North Carolina simply deserves better.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Burr Must Go: Obama attacks capitalism?

According to Jeb Bush, President Obama attacks capitalism. That's the headline in a news piece I'm reading this afternoon. Well Jeb, no. But I think that the Republican Party did more than enough to stand around with their heads up their tails and allow capitalism to implode. Thanks of course, Jeb, to your idiot brother.

You know something, I am simply sick and tired of all the damn finger pointing from the Republican party. I want to hear a Republican stand up and say "Republicans are to blame for this mess we're in. We screwed up. We took our eye off the ball and allowed our banks and bankers to run wild. We're to blame. We've learned our lesson and we're going to clean up our own mess. And here's how we're going to do it ..... "

That's the Republican I will vote for in the next election, if one even exists. We deserve Republican political leaders who accept responsibility and admit when they're wrong. And I've yet to hear or see a Republican in Washington DC who fits that mold.

But I can tell you it won't be North Carolina Republican Senator Richard Burr who gets my vote in the upcoming election. Senator Burr continues to point fingers. Senator Burr impedes the progress we need to clean up this Republican mess. So Senator Burr needs his sorry Republican butt kicked to the curb. North Carolina simply deserves better than Richard Burr.