Thursday, March 18, 2010

Senator Richard Burr - with the Banks, against the people

Let's face it, our Republican party is a party that supports our nation's crooked banks, thieving investment bankers, and egregiously paid CEOs. Our Republican Party supports the bottom lines of hospitals, doctors and the entire profit chain of the health care industry that swipes our wallet every time we need health care. Our Republican Party supports the energy industry that charges us up the wazoo when we pull up to the pump. Our Republican Party sits on it's butt and does nothing about our higher education system that passes through a string of annual price increases that breaks the checkbook of every American family. Our Republican Party supports every institution that is driving middle class America's standard of living into the sewer. Our Republican party is a party that supports the RICH in this country, and hates everyone else.

Are you RICH? If not, why in the world do YOU support the Republican party? They sure don't give a damn about you.

My Republican Party lost its way. They lost the road map and went off the trail, years ago. And its past time now to clean up our party. It's time to boot every errant Republican out of office. That includes North Carolina Republican Senator Richard Burr. This man has been a Senator for six years and accomplished absolutely nothing. He's an embarrassment to North Carolina. He stands up for the RICH and ignores everyone else. He has to go. It's time.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Senator Richard Burr - a friend to book cooking CEOs

The report is out. Lehman Brothers cooked their books. Repo 105 - move assets off the books right before each reporting period. A myriad of investors lost Billions. Trillions of wealth world-wide down the drain. 10 years after Enron we still have fraud running rampant in our public companies. And our Republican Party stands in the way of financial industry reform? WTF are Republican leaders smoking?

It's way past time to crack down. It's way past time to regulate the CDS market. It's way past time to cap executive pay. It's way past time to give shareholders a say on pay on all key executives. It's simply WAY PAST TIME.

Republican Political Leaders - Friends to fat cat, book cooking, egregiously paid CEOs. Republicans - stand around and do absolutely NOTHING while the world economy burns. What a bunch of clowns.

Senator Richard Burr has to go. It's way past time.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Senator Richard Burr learned nothing from our nation's financial Armageddon.

We suffered a financial Armageddon in America. We allowed stupid people to lie about their income and borrow massive amounts of money. We allowed bankers to package these bad loans and sell them around the world. We allowed these same bankers, and CEOs of public American corporations, to pocket massive amounts of undeserved wealth. Our leaders simply looked the other way and did absolutely nothing while this circus unfolded. It cratered our economy. It cost millions of Americans their jobs. And what have we learned from this experience? Nothing. Our leaders have learned nothing.

Senate Republicans like Senator Richard Burr stand in the way of financial system reforms that will bring sanity and common sense back into the equation. Senator Burr doesn't want banking reforms. He won't give shareholders a say on pay. He doesn't want controls over egregious pay. He doesn't want sensible reforms to the exotic securities that almost brought our world economy to its knees. Senator Burr just wants to sit on his lazy ass and do nothing.

I'm a moderate, capitalist, North Carolina Republican. I've had enough of our do nothing Republican Senator Richard Burr. It's past time to send this lazy man packing. North Carolina deserves better than our lazy Republican Senator Richard Burr. It's time to send this man home. It's time to elect someone else to represent us in Washington DC.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

NC Senator Richard Burr - AWOL

What has North Carolina's worthless Senator Richard Burr done about:

Runaway CEO pay?
An inability of shareholders to vote on corporate pay?
Bank CEO's who pawn risk off on taxpayers?
CDS risk that can still take down our financial markets?
Rampant trading on insider information?
A worthless, toothless SEC?
The Treasury and Fed's disgraceful gift of 10s of Billions of taxpayer money to NYC Investment Bankers via AIG?

Answer: Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing and nothing.

I'm a NORTH CAROLINA, CAPITALIST REPUBLICAN. Yet, I see our Republican Senator Richard Burr as nothing but a worthless, empty suit. The man is a disgrace to our state. It's time to send Senator Richard Burr packing. North Carolina deserves better.

Snowed under

I've been busy. Bought a new home. Selling the old home. Projects galore. Simply have not had time to pound on our sorry Senator Richard Burr via this blog. He's doing a decent enough job though of playing the part of an unelectable, lame duck. The man is nowhere and getting nothing done, especially on the health care front. He's doing nothing about financial system reform. He's doing nothing about out of control education costs. He's doing nothing to put an energy policy in place that makes sense. Our Senator Burr is simply a pathetic loser, and the voters of North Carolina know it. In recent polls, 50% of registered NC voters have indicated it's time to elect someone else to take Senator Burr's place in Washington DC. At this point, I'd settle on Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck. Either would be an improvement to our sorry Senator. I'm a Republican, and I'm ready to throw this Republican bum out the door. Bring on the election.

I'll be back soon to fire up this blog again. Very soon.