Thursday, May 13, 2010

Republicans are screwing America

You need to read this article. It is an easily understood explanation as to everything that's wrong in this country right now. Eight years of Republican control in Washington DC wound up running our economy into the ground. Bush and his merry band of Republican idiots and Congressional allies (including Republican Senator Richard Burr) simply screwed America. To get out of this mess, the Federal Reserve Board has pushed interest rates to near zero. Banks are borrowing from our government at this near zero rate, leveraging that money 10 to 1, then buying US government securities yielding 3 to 4%. It's easy money. Easy profits. It's totally subsidized by our government. And it creates massive bank profits and even more massive bonus pools for egregiously paid Wall Street Bankers.

Wall Street Bankers are making millions on the back of average Americans who earn next to nothing on their savings. They make millions on the backs of American taxpayers. Thank you Republicans. Thank you for getting us in this mess and creating an environment where we have to hand our money to rich bankers.

Message to the Republican Party - get off your sorry asses and go after Wall Street Bankers. Stop this bullshit effort of putting a halt to serious reforms of our financial markets.

I'm fed up with people like Republican Senator Richard Burr. This man is all about laissez-faire capitalism. Richard Burr is all about rewarding massive bonuses to Wall Street Bankers. Richard Burr is all about taking money out of the pockets of average Americans and simply handing that money to Wall Street. Screw Richard Burr. This sorry man needs to be voted out of office.

North Carolina simply deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

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