Saturday, May 15, 2010

Why aren't Republicans doing anything about foundations?

The Republican mantra is that our people need to stand on their own two feet. We need to stop asking our government to do everything for us. OK. I agree. But we need to take that mantra farther. We need to pay what we owe. Everyone has to pay their fair share. Has that been happening? Hell no.

I'm tired of listening to Republican politicians bitching and complaining about taxes, yet they won't lift a damn finger to do anything about making sure that everyone pays their fair share. Why didn't the Bush administration go after all the wealthy Americans who were parking their money in Swiss bank accounts? Why did it take Democrats to finally get some movement on that front? This is yet another major way in which our Republican party has failed America. We need to enforce fair tax rules and regulations. No one should be able to avoid paying their fair share of income taxes.

There's even a more egregious avoidance of paying income taxes that simply irks the crap out of me - Foundations. It seems that every wealthy person in this country has a tax free Foundation. On the surface, it appears that they are giving back to our country. Bullshit. I am tired of the deceit in the existence of Foundations. These entities are nothing more than an avenue for the rich and famous to avoid paying income taxes. They set up Foundations, take huge tax deductions when funding the foundations, and pay the vast majority of the income of those foundations in payroll for friends and family, travel costs, entertainment. These damn things become nothing more than an avenue to avoid paying income taxes. It's time for Republicans to get off their lazy asses and put a halt to Foundations. It's time for Republicans to level the playing field of income tax payments. It's time for Republicans to make sure that everyone pays - not just those who can't afford the lawyers and tax accountants to avoid their obligations.

Hypocrites. My Republican Party is a party of hypocrites. They bitch and moan about high taxes, yet they allow the rich to park money in Switzerland and set up tax free foundations. They moan about income taxes, but it's OK for Warren Buffet, the world's second most wealthy person, to pay an effective tax rate of 18%, while his secretary pays 26%. Hypocrites. They failed us. Republicans need to get the wake up call for their failures. We need to vote their sorry butts out of office. Clean the slate of the old, bring in the new.

Senator Richard Burr has done absolutely NOTHING to deserve our votes. The man is a failure. We need to vote him out of office.


  1. J,
    I have been wondering where all the sane republicans went. I happen to be a democrat that used to relish a good argument with a republican. I could respect the person and their point of view and still disagree with them. I too, was a military brat as well as a military wife for more than 30 years. I love this country so much! I hurts when someone says me that I'm not a "real American", simply because I don't agree with them. This is not the republican party that I knew. Thank you for a glimmer of hope.


  2. J. Willis cannot claim to be a Republican, at least not with a straight face. His common sense and basic decency exclude him from the currrent Republican party. Hell, those traits may exclude him from any American political party.

    Thanks, J. Willis, for taking the time to do these postings. You are appreciated.

    Ivy Along

  3. Yes Ivy, my Republican party excludes anyone with common sense these days. And now its time for revenge. Burr and his merry band of Bush morons really screwed up our economy. And now it's going to take hard work and common sense to get ourselves out of the mess Republicans left us. Since common sense is not a virtue in our Republican Party ... it's time to vote Republican bums out the door. Burr has to go.