Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hypocrisy run wild

Allan Meltzer is writing an interesting opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal today. "Why Obamanomics has failed". I should probably know who Allan is, but don't have a clue. His piece slams the President, so he must be some famous Republican who I've never heard of. Still, his opinion piece is good. You should read it. If for no other reason, to understand the F*@^ing Republican hypocrisy that is so plainly evident. This is a classic example of why I'm in a state of protest against my party. I am just damn tired of all the finger pointing, without acknowledging that Republicans are the primary reason we are where we are in our economic mess.

Allan makes many good points about why President Obama's stimulus plans have not worked. One of his points though is so far off-base that it should be offensive to any reader. "One piece [of the President's stimulus plan] financed temporary tax cuts. This was a mistake, and ignores the role of expectations in the economy. Economic theory predicts that temporary tax cuts have little effect on spending [no duh]."

Why were tax cuts even included in the stimulus plan? They were included because no REPUBLICANS would sign on to vote for the plan unless tax cuts were included. President Obama did not want to include tax cuts in a stimulus package. He was forced to do this in order to avoid a Senate Republican filibuster. This was a REPUBLICAN mistake. And its time for REPUBLICANS to admit that their continued insistence on addressing every damn problem in this country with tax cuts, that go primary to the wealthy, is a failed policy that brought us to this point. Stop with the damn tax cuts. Focus on spending cuts, and adjust the tax code so that its fair.

I'm tired of Republicans not owning up to their responsibility for this mess. I'm tired of Republicans even having a say in any legislation in efforts to improve this situation. We are where we are because Republicans use the Senate filibuster to continue to screw up America.

What can we do about this? It's time to punish the Republicans who brought us this mess. It's time to throw these bums out of office. And North Carolina Republican Senator Richard Burr is one bum who needs to go. North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

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