Saturday, July 24, 2010

It's a War. And China kicked our ass.

I was sitting here thinking about the economic nightmare we're in right now. I'm fortunate. I own my home (and I've got another one for sale if anyone's interested). I've banked the money needed to send my children through college. I don't owe anyone a dime. And I have more than enough cash tucked away in investments to live a comfortable life. So I have few financial worries. Yet, all's not well.

I'm pained by the suffering around me. Neighbors don't have jobs because of this screwed up Republican economy. They likely lay awake at night worrying about their future. Their stress finds its way into my house, because I lay awake at night worried about my neighbors. How did we get into this situation?

There are lots of explanations as to why we're in one hell of an economic mess. But one big one stands out. China went to war with us, economically. They kicked our ass. China now owns America.

If you think of this situation like a securities trader would, you'll realize that the Chinese are about as smart as they come. In trading, there's always a way to make money. Always. It's only a matter of constantly looking for patterns, or a weakness in the system that can be exploited to make money over and over again. The Chinese found the pattern and the weaknesses. The Chinese kicked our ass.

The Chinese leveraged their cheap labor and our Republican Party's willingness to open the free trade spigot. China sent us boatloads of cheap crap. We sent them our manufacturing base and our money. They sent us crap, took our money, and bought little pieces of America, over and over and over again. China kept the gravy train going by manipulating their currency, driving down our interest rates, and leveraging off our wide open markets.

Now we're stuck. We owe China almost $1 Trillion, and climbing. And there's not much of anything we can do about it. They own us.

How did this happen? Republicans. China saw our weakness. Our weakness was 8 years of idiot Republicans running our country. These laissez-faire Republicans opened our markets wide. Then they allowed massive currency manipulation to go unanswered. Free markets only work if currencies trade freely. Republicans stood around doing nothing while factory after factory closed its doors in our country and moved to China. Republicans stood around doing nothing while China manipulated its currency to put us at a massive disadvantage. All this economic damage was masked by a booming US housing market that was smoke and mirrors. Now we're screwed.

And we want to hand control of our country back to the Republican idiots who allowed China to kick our asses? Think about that before you walk into the voting booth this fall.

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

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