Monday, June 28, 2010

We live in a strange, scary, WEIRD period

Things are really weird out there. Very weird.

Republican President George Bush pushes an "ownership society" and herds everyone into housing.
Republican Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan (a closet Libertarian) turns his back on rational, reasonable enforcement of regulations over the mortgage lending industry and everyone who can breathe gets a low cost "liar loan" to be a home owner.
Republican SEC Chairman Chris Cox applies his laissez-fair attitude to securities law enforcement and allows our nation's banks to package junk mortgage loans and sell this worthless paper around the world.
Republican controlled Congress exercises the power of the misguided purse and cuts taxes like mad, continues spending like mad, and racks up a boat load of debt.

Shit hits the fan.
The world economy goes into a tailspin.
Trillions in wealth are wiped off the map.
Many millions of people are unemployed and without hope.
All this, thanks largely to naive, misguided actions of my inept Republican Party.
We do the sensible thing and vote out the Republican bums, give the other guys a chance.

Now, here we are hardly two years later, and we want to bring back the guys who handed us this mess in the first place?

Like I said, things are getting really weird.

Get your head screwed on straight. Use a little North Carolina, southern, common sense. We can't give control back to those who brought us this mess in the first place. Although it pains me greatly to not vote Republican, we have to punish those people who laid this financial mess on our doorstep. North Carolina Republican Senator Richard Burr is one of these people. Senator Burr is to blame for this mess. He was there. He voted in lockstep with George W Bush. This financial mess is his fault.

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

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