Monday, July 12, 2010


There are a number of things my Republican party does well. Unfortunately though, these few things are vastly overshadowed these days by their stupidity. Case in point is how my party flails around like a wounded animal, throwing slogans up against the wall, hoping that something, anything, sticks that will turn the American people against President Obama. One of the dumbest damn things I'm hearing now is this constant drumbeat from my party that President Obama is anti-business. Really? Is that really true?

My life is business and political news. I read and research all the damn time. I watch the financial markets constantly. Where is the evidence that President Obama hates the business world? I can't find it, other than in the slogans and talking points coming out of the mouths of Republican politicians.

Listen up fellow Republicans. Stop with the senseless mud slinging and dumb-assed slogans. Focus your efforts on proposing solutions to our country's problems. Because these days, I hear very little in the way of workable solutions. I hear and see a ton of mouthing off, mud slinging, finger pointing and other such bullshit coming from Republican politicians.

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.


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  2. Kate - Maybe all of America should work at home trying to sell Chinese stuff to fellow Americans. After all, Republicans simply handed our manufacturing base away without giving it a second thought ... so there's really nothing else for us to do.