Thursday, July 8, 2010

Senator Richard Burr - WTF you going to cut?

Karl Rove, the closet Republican Senator of the entire United States is out this morning with an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal. I need to RANT again.

Basically, Karl indicates Republicans need to run on a "growth" agenda:

"A GOP growth agenda would keep intact the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts. Tax reform and simplification—including the flat tax and cutting the corporate tax rate—can also be winning issues if advocated by Republican candidates with authenticity and passion."

My Republican party candidates need to go around the country singing the tune of ultra low tax rates, and corporate tax cuts, as the way to boost economic growth? Holy crap. You think our budget deficits are bad now? They're only going to get worse if we keep the Bush tax cuts intact, and also lower corporate tax rates. That's the way simple math works. We're going to drown in debt under Karl's plan.

WTF are Republicans thinking? I simply don't understand how in the hell we address our massive budget deficits by cutting revenue? Here's the common sense question to then ask Republican candidates like Richard Burr ..... WTF you going to cut? You'll have to offset the lower taxes, as well as overcome the existing annual budget deficits that already exceed $1 Trillion annually.

What are you going to cut Senator Burr? Tell us. We want details. Until you do that, you're only blowing smoke. And I'm one Republican who's just god damn tired of all the lies that keep coming from my party. We need to address our budget deficits in this country, and if you're NOT going to raise any taxes, and reduce tax rates even further, you're going to have to make MASSIVE cuts to spending. So, man up, tell us where, and by how much.

If Republican Senator Richard Burr were really an honest man, he'd admit that Republican policies would eventually lead to massive cuts in Social Security, Medicare and Defense. These cuts will eventually be so sever that we'd be staring at THE GREAT DEPRESSION. Our homes would be worthless, our savings gone, and we'd be eating bread and drinking water.

I'm just F*#@ing tired of being lied to by my Republican Party. Stop with the nonsense of more tax cuts. And start telling the truth about the budget cuts now necessary to make up for all the bullshit tax cuts and deficit spending that Republicans delivered during the disastrous Bush administration.

Karl can't add. Senator Burr won't tell the truth. Republicana suck when it comes to acting fiscally responsible. And that's why I'm pissed off at my Republican party and want to run these clowns out of Washington DC. They're all miserable failures when it comes to working with our country's checkbook. Don't be fooled by these idiots.

Rant over.

North Carolina simply deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

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  1. Vote for Mike Beitler, the Libertarian candidate, instead of Burr. You have an alternative.