Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Why would you vote for Richard Burr? ... Silence. Ultimately, just complete silence. That's what I've been met with recently in political discussions with a number of blue collar workers. The silence makes sense to me.

I'm doing a lot of work on my new home. In that process, I'm coming into contact with a number of people working the grunge jobs that keep our economy humming. I've had recent, interesting discussions with warehouse workers, HVAC repair people, retail sales clerks. contractors. And being interested in what's happening out there, what people think, I eventually solicit opinions about our Republican Senator Richard Burr. Mostly I get one on those puzzled looks, like, "who is Richard Burr, I've never heard of the guy"? Then when I explain that he's our state's Republican US Senator, what usually follows is "I'm not happy with Obama, so I'll vote for Burr." That's the knee jerk reaction.

The interesting thing though is that it takes very little effort to arrive at the silence. When I remind these folks that Republicans were in control of both the White House and Congress when our economy went to Hell, it's like a light bulb goes off. Then I ask the key question "Do you really want to hand the keys to our economy back to the political party that screwed us in the first place?" Then, silence.

What does the silence represent? People are thinking, mulling the options. To date they haven't been thinking about the upcoming election. Once they really focus on the issue, they're not sure it's wise to vote for a Republican. Republicans screwed us. Just about everyone realizes this. But most people aren't pleased either with the slow progress we're making in our efforts to recover from this Republican disaster of an economic morass, and they blame Obama and the Democrats. We're torn and likely won't make up our minds until we walk into the voting booth.

Which direction will these voters lean? It really depends on whether the message "Do you really want to hand the keys to our economy back to Republicans?" gets communicated clearly. I bet it eventually will be communicated clearly. And I bet we'll see a massive shift in the polls as we draw near the election. People aren't happy with our progress right now. That reflects poorly on the existing administration. But when faced with going back to the party that raped and pillaged our home values and retirement plans, opinions quickly change.

A reminder of who raped our nation - Republicans. That's all it'll take to do the right thing in the upcoming election - punish the party who laid this economic mess on our doorstep. We need to run Republicans out of office. That's what will happen, after a brief period of silence.

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

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