Friday, July 23, 2010

Who took our $182 Billion?

This article today from Bloomberg is THE most important article I've seen to date about the financial crises we've recently gone through. The panel set up to investigate the crises is digging deep. They're following the money trail. Taxpayers gave AIG $182 Billion. Most Americans would simply point the finger at AIG. But, it's not that easy. AIG took that money and forwarded it to a myriad of other financial institutions. Where did it go, and why?

Goldman Sachs got a big chunk of our money. Goldman wound up getting $12 Billion in taxpayer money, directly from AIG. Testifying in front of the panel charged with investigating this mess, Goldman said none of that money went into their pockets, they passed it on to others. The panel called BULLSHIT on Goldman and basically said, "prove it buddy".

Ask our Senator Richard Burr about this article. I can tell you his response .... blank stare. Our Senator is a clueless dolt when it comes to the important matters of finance and our economy. Our Senator is too busy calling his wife and begging her to yank money out of ATM machines.

Thank you Elizabeth Warren (Democrat). Thank you Chuck Grassley (Republican). Thank you for being among the very few in Washington DC with enough common sense to call BULLSHIT on Goldman Sachs. Americans deserve to know what happened to our $182 Billion.

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

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