Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wilson v Bowles - reason enough not to vote for Democrat Elaine Marshall

I'm not a fan of Republican Richard Burr. I'm not a fan of my Republican party. Their errant policies during the Bush administration drove our economy over a cliff. They need to be punished. But, I can also tell you this, each and every day I have increasing difficulty thinking about voting for the Democratic alternative. Today's heartburn? Headlines in the Raleigh News and Observer. Erskine Bowles. The man is a Democrat. He's a complete and abysmal failure. I'm having a very difficult time this morning stomaching the thought of voting for anyone who's in the same political party as Erskine Bowles.

The contrasting headlines I'm staring at this morning in the Raleigh N&O are these, "Blue Cross to cut costs 20%" verses "UNC tuition will rise sharply".

Brad Wilson is the recently appointed CEO of Blue Cross. Brad is tackling one of the main problems we face in our nation today - runaway health care costs. This man is now my hero. He's taking bold action. Brad is doing what needs to be done in this economic environment. He's aggressively cutting the fat that built up over the last decade. Brad has recognized the pain his customers feel and he's doing his part to cushion that pain as much as possible. Brad's making one hell of a bold move to cut $200 Million out of an $1 Billion annual budget for administrative costs. Brad's also going to press health care providers to cut costs, like squeezing blood out of a stone. Right on Brad. You're the man of the hour, day, week, year, decade. Get this done and you'll be put on a pedestal and worshiped in this state far into the future.

Erskine Bowles was the UNC system President for a number of years. He's now been appointed by President Obama to be a co-head of the very critical committee to bring our nation's fiscal situation back onto a straight and narrow path. What a colossal mistake. That's like appointing a drunk to oversee inventory control at the local ABC store. Erskine Bowles has proven that he can't manage costs worth a damn.

If you live in NC, you know of Erskine. I've made some posts here (and here) in the past about Erskine. He served as Bill Clinton's right hand man in the White House. He unsuccessfully ran for the Senate. He lost to Burr, but then was rewarded with the job of running our state's universities. Erskine was responsible for tackling another of our nation's problems - runaway costs of college tuition. But during his tenure, he allowed administrative costs to grow at a rate substantially higher than student enrollment. Now we're paying the price through a massive 18% increase in tuition. Erskine Bowles was a miserable failure.

So, I had heartburn this morning when I saw the headlines about an 18% tuition increase. Democrats failed the people of North Carolina. They appointed an ineffective dolt to head up our higher education system and now we're paying a steep price. And this same dolt is being awarded the plum job of trying to steer the fiscal ship for our country? Sounds pretty insane to me, insane enough that it makes me wonder whether it's even worth showing up to vote in the next election.

Republicans brought us this economic mess. And Democrats like Erskine Bowles make it even worse. Today, I feel like there is absolutely no solution. Our country, our economy, is going to hell, thanks to idiots like Richard Burr and Erskine Bowles. Hopefully, there will be enough Brad Wilsons who will surface in the coming months that there will be a ray of hope we can survive this economic mess.

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