Thursday, August 12, 2010

Democrats lost my vote, but Republicans will never get it back

I'm a weary American voter. I've rebelled against my Republican party. I can't wait for the day to walk into the voting booth to vote against Republicans. But there's a problem with my strategy. I simply can't stand what's going on right now in Washington DC. Democrats are just as bad, if not worse.

What's up with illegal immigration? Well over 60% of Americans want illegal immigration dealt with, and harshly. We need to move illegal aliens out of this country. We need to seal our borders. We need to stop handing out citizenship to the 1 of 12 babies born in this country, born to illegal aliens. America can simply no longer afford to pay the heavy social costs of illegal immigration. Yet, President Obama is moving to stop Arizona from doing what the American people want done? How much sense does that make? None.

What's up with the ban on offshore drilling? Americans need jobs, damn it. How much sense did it make to slap a ban on offshore drilling? None. Executives in every corporate oil company are now running scared. They are checking and double checking all their equipment and procedures. They saw what happened to BP and how costly that mistake was. And there's no way any oil company executive wants to become another BP. It is now the safest time in history to be conducting offshore drilling operations. Yet, in its warped wisdom, Washington DC has slapped a ban on offshore drilling and thrown a number of Americans out of work. What a dumb move. Just plain dumb.

What's up with Afghanistan? Aren't we old enough to remember Vietnam? We continue to dump massive amounts of our money in a war that is senseless. Stop the madness. Bring all our troops home. Every last American soldier who now serves outside our country needs to come home. We can no longer afford to be the protector of the entire Earth. We can't afford it. We're broke.

What's up with rewarding irresponsible people? I'm just damn tired of reading about all the federal programs being passed to simply hand my money over to people who were irresponsible when it came to buying a home. Why do they deserve a hand up? Isn't that rewarding stupidity? And I'm even more tired of reading about Americans who borrowed heavily against their homes and bought cars and vacations. These people are now walking away from their obligations in droves with no responsibility to pay back the loans. The Federal Government is doing nothing to punish these morons? We've become a society where the irresponsible win at the expense of the responsible. Just stop with the damn mortgage programs. Get out the handcuffs and arrest people who walk away from their debts.

I'm just plain weary, and lost. My Republican party really sucks. It is dominated by religious nut jobs who protect the very wealthy at the cost of fiscal saneness. My party protects the thieves and crooks in corporate America. It lies, constantly. It spreads fear at the drop of a hat. And it lets flawed economic policy destroy the savings of Americans. My Republican party is broken.

There's nowhere to turn though. So, it looks like I won't be voting this fall. Bummer.

One thing for sure however - North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

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