Thursday, August 19, 2010

I can't support a Democrat

President Obama and the Democratic Party are failures, on par with the failures of George W. Bush and the Republican Party. There are simply no good alternatives in the American Political landscape now. Both of our main political parties, well, they both just suck. Maybe Revolution is a concept that will become more palatable if the situation doesn't improve soon?

President Obama really screwed up. Instead of using his power and popularity to destroy Republicans, he took the diplomatic approached of compromise. He allowed Republicans to slip hundreds of billions of tax cuts into the stimulus plans. That was wasted money and did nothing but add to our debt. Tax cuts don't do a damn thing when the economic problem is demand destruction. Tax cuts only add to capital formation. We are so awash in capital now that our Treasury yields are being bid to records lows. He allowed Republicans to take the high ground over claiming that Freddie and Fannie were the cause of all our economic problems. Freddie and Fannie were only minor players in the housing debacle, very minor players. Our President should have delivered a crushing blow to the idiot Republicans who destroyed the United States Economy. Our President should had shoved Republicans aside and embarked on his plans for fixing America. Instead, we're left with ineffective fixes that aren't working, all having been molded and altered by Republicans.

And President Obama is simply going off the reservation on too many issues. Why in the hell can he not take the side of the vast majority of Americans and do something about getting rid of illegal immigrants? Why is he destroying American jobs by putting a hold on offshore drilling? Why is he continuing to waste our money on stupid wars and other unnecessary defense spending outside of our country? Why is he just handing money to stupid people who went into debt over their eyeballs and overpaid for their homes? President Obama is a massive disappointment.

But, the Republicans have absolutely no one who can challenge. We have a giant void in intellectual leadership in America. We have no real leaders. Sarah Palin? Right. Let's put an idiot in the White House. Newt Gingrich? Right. Let's put a fat, lying, sex addict in the White House. Mike Huckabee? Bible thumping nut job who knows less about economic issues than Dora the Explorer. Mitt Romney? Please, the man made his wealth by buying companies, throwing people out of work and raiding their pension plans. Mitt will say ANYTHING to get elected. These idiots will solve all our problems? Got it. NOT.

Revolution. Its a concept I no longer fear. It can't be worse than what we're suffering through now.

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