Saturday, September 4, 2010

Democrats don't want my vote

I laundered the towel, folded it up, and placed it back in the closet. It's not time to give up on punishing Republicans who dropped this economic mess on our doorsteps. Not yet. Republican Senator Richard Burr is a loser. This man is a clueless dolt whose philosophies are directly responsible for our financial crises and economic disaster. Richard Burr is an embarrassment to North Carolina. He needs to be punished. Richard Burr needs to be voted out of office.

I'm struggling though. Democrats don't want my vote. I'm a life-long Republican, capitalist, Harvard MBA, securities trader. I own my home outright; pay my own children's way through college; am not on the government dole in any form or fashion; and other than direct debt against securities to execute on a carry trade strategy, I'm totally debt free. I sure view myself as a solid citizen, a net contributor. Seems to me that the Democrats would welcome my vote. But they're going out of their way to tick me off:

Illegal immigration - As a country, we're broke. Our federal government is $14 Trillion in debt. My state is looking to cut 15% out of its budget in the coming year. We can no longer afford the steep social costs associated with illegal immigration. I walk into my child's school, and all I see are the faces of Hispanic immigrants. Most have difficulty speaking English. Significant tax dollars go to teaching, feeding, housing and providing health care for immigrants. It has to stop. We simply can't afford it.

Jobs - My gosh, we are in dire need of jobs in this country. Why in the world do we persist with this halt to offshore, deep water drilling? That decision to stop drilling has thrown 10s of thousands out of work. We need every job we can find. Enough with these dumb assed decisions in Washington DC that wind up costing Americans their paychecks.

Mortgage programs - STOP handing my tax dollars to stupid people. I am just sick and tired of all the programs being invented to just hand our money over to stupid people who lived beyond their means and bought more house than they could afford. Enough is enough. Rip off the band-aide. Allow these people to be foreclosed upon. The faster we get to the bottom of this housing crises, the quicker we'll recover. Allow capitalism to clean this mess up. Kick people who can't pay out of their homes. Allow the homes to get sold to financially responsible Americans.

Stop waging war and trying to protect the entire planet. We've spent $1.3 Trillion in Iraq and Afghanistan. We keep troops and bases all over the world. But, we're broke. Bring these Americans home. Bring them ALL home. Take a knife out and cut the defense budget to the damn bone. We simply can't afford to be the world's protector.

Geithner and Summers. These two gentlemen are clowns of the highest order. The fact that we have 2 clowns running our economic policies in this country are just one huge embarrassment. Both were in power at critical periods in the past and had their hands in making stupid decisions that led to this crises. They don't deserve to be representing our country at the highest levels of our government . Kick their sorry tails out of Washington DC.

Stop cowering in the closet. Democrats need to go for the jugular. Republicans politicians F'ed up our country. Their terrible philosophy of endless tax cutting while running tremendous deficits, their laissez-faire attitude of allowing the markets to police themselves, their war mongering and throwing of massive amounts of our budget into the defense department, and their overall attitude of rewarding the rich while screwing the middle class ... well, these are all good reasons to go for the jugular. The leaders of the Democratic party need stop trying to compromise with Republicans. God damn it, kick the Republican Party in the teeth and run them the hell out of Washington DC. They screwed up this country. They need to be punished.

I don't want to vote for anyone running on my Republican Party ticket. But I'm not seeing enough reason to vote for a Democrat either. Democrats need to wake the hell up and start finding a way to appeal to those of us who see the Republican Party for what it is - the root cause of our economic mess.

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

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