Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I'm not posting much these days because I'm in a state of despondency. Our nation's capital is populated by escapees from the insane asylum. A news headline from yesterday goes a long way in explaining my state of despondency:

US House Democrats Push to Sustain 15% Capital Gains Tax Rate

Our nation is drowning in debt, but Democrats want to tax the wealthiest among us at the lowest rates. Yep. Let's just drive our nation into bankruptcy.

Here's where I stand on this upcoming election:
  • I'm a life-long Republican.
  • I WILL NOT vote for Richard Burr.
  • After 15 years in Congress, Burr has done absolutely nothing of substance for America, or for North Carolina.
  • Burr is invisible, he's nowhere to be seen in Washington DC. What does this man do?
  • Bank Run Burr is an intellectual midget. I'm still is a state of awe at just how stupid it was for him to run to the nearest ATM machine to withdraw cash as an answer to our nation's financial crises.
  • Burr voted in lockstep with George Bush on all the key issues that sunk our nation into the abyss: endless tax cutting, endless spending, piling debt onto the shoulders of our nation, relaxing of sensible regulatory oversight, encouraging an ownership society by pushing idiots into home ownership and setting us up for the massive real estate bubble, waging war at the drop of a hat. Burr was a major contributor to all our current problems.
  • I honestly believe Burr to be a crook who sold his Bear Stearns stock using insider information. I trade securities for a living, and I have immense disdain for anyone who uses insider information to profit at the expense of everyone else. These crooks are right up there with rapists.
  • I simply won't vote for a loser. Richard Burr is a Class A loser. Our state would be better served if Burr would return to North Carolina and go back to selling lawn mowers.
But here's my quandary - there is no alternative to Richard Burr. Democrats are going off the reservation. They are acting like Republicans. They want to cut taxes, and spend too. We're surrounded by idiots.

Thus, I'm in a state of despondency. I'll likely be staying away from the voting booth this fall. I've resigned myself to endless stupidity in Washington DC that will eventually lead our nation into bankruptcy. And Burr will represent our state well on the stupidity front.

I will invest my capital accordingly, and profit handsomely.


  1. Thanks!
    You've brought up some excellent points.
    I'm supposed to give a presentation on Burr's Economic policy in a few days, and I've had a hard time finding anything specific he's said as far as economic plans. I've read the press releases on his website, but they're vague, and too full of contridictions.

    Enjoyed reading your blog,