Sunday, October 31, 2010

Vote Richard Burr, Jester of the US Senate

Richard Burr paid for a sticker to be placed on the front page of the Raleigh News and Observer this morning. I couldn't resist a quick scan and a few word edits. The really amazing thing I discovered from the actual Vote for Burr sticker? Burr's election committee Treasurer, Tim Gupton, is practically a neighbor of mine. Honestly, if I stand on my front porch and turn in one direction, I can almost hit his house with a rock. Turned the other direction, I can almost hurl a stone and hit Elaine Marshall's front porch. Seems we're having a right neighborly political feud going on these days.

It's likely that two of the three of us won't be voting for Richard on Tuesday. But who knows, maybe all three of us will be casting a ballot for Elaine? Tim's a good CPA with an excellent reputation in our business community, which usually portends possession of a decent amount of common sense. So it wouldn't surprise me if we go 3 for 3 in Elaine votes, and there's really nothing to this neighborhood feud.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Senator Richard Burr loves ATMs

83 Reasons NOT to vote for Richard Burr

Sep - Dec 2009
August 2009
July 2009
June 2009
May 2009
April 2009
March 2009
North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Senator Richard Burr's Winston-Salem residence

The home of North Carolina
Republican Senator, Richard "Bank Run" Burr

I can't stay away. We're in trouble.

I can't seem to stay away from this blog. I'm back to press a point.

We're in real trouble.

On CNBC (Business News) this morning, the right wing nut jobs are giddy with excitement about the pending sweep of the Republican Party. That's not what concerns me. What really concerns me is their expectations as to what will unfold. They are fully expecting more tax cuts, and even more tax cuts, and finally ... more tax cuts. Of course, all tax cuts will be primarily pointed in the direction of the very wealthy. In other words, more calls for trickle down economics, more expectations of tax cuts being the answer to all our nation's ills. In passing, they mumble something about a spending cut or two.

My god. It's more of the same crap that got us into this mess in the first place. What in the world are these idiots thinking?

We're well on our way down the road to ruin in America. We have cut taxes far too much. We have spent far too much. Common sense would dictate that we both raise taxes and cut spending. But, we're not going to get that from Republicans. Within the first year, we'll get $500 Billion in tax cuts. The vast majority of it will fall into the pockets of the wealthy. And we might see a couple billion in spending cuts, but not near as much as we need to happen. Our deficits will balloon higher. Our economy will crash and burn. We'll see violence in the streets. And the initial stage of revolution and total social breakdown will take hold.

Watch and learn.

My message to Republicans? JUST DO IT. I'm going to be prepared to shoot the lights out in bets against our economy. And when all hell breaks loose in the streets of America, I'll be snug in my basement with food, water, and gold, prepared for one heck of a long stay. We'll just let the Republicans kill each other off. Maybe when we emerge sometime in 2020, our nation will be rid of all the loony, right wing nut jobs.

There's always hope.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Yo, Senator Burr ....

This is what I think about the $8 Trillion

debt you dumped on my shoulders ...

Yo Burr, it's about the next generation?
My @**.
It's really about your stupidity.

New Poll

There's a new poll out. Burr is still up huge. It's clearly evident that we're going to send our mental midget back to Washington DC. When you're handed a lemon, you try to figure out how to make lemonade. I'll get over it, and move forward.

I suspect we won't hear much from our clown Richard Burr for a number of years. He'll meld into the background, do nothing, get nothing of value accomplished for the citizens of North Carolina. But he'll show up to his Washington DC office, shuffle a few papers to justify his salary, and do his best to reward the wealthy and screw the middle class. That failed approach to governance will go a long way toward ensuring our economic crises gets worse. Before his term is over, our economy will crash and burn. But I'll grow my wealth by trading against the do-nothing Richard Burr's in Washington DC.

There won't be more postings to this blog for awhile. But as the famed Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger once said, "I'll be back".

North Carolina's Circle of Trust

Republican Richard Burr brought this housing problem to our doorstep

Michael Hudson has written a new book, The Monster, How a Gang of Predatory Lenders and Wall Street Bankers Fleeced America--and Spawned a Global Crisis. You can follow the link to his book and read a really good, brief excerpt. Michael does an excellent job of revealing just how screwed up our whole mortgage lending process was. It was an industry of predators who screwed a vast number of Americans.

Make no mistake about what happen, we had too many political leaders who lived by a philosophy of laissez-faire capitalism. Laissez-faire capitalism is a philosophy of allowing the free markets to police themselves. Our Republican Senator Richard Burr would often pound his chest about being a follower of Laissez-faire and free markets. He doesn't do that any more. Is it any wonder why he doesn't mention it now? He brought us this mess. He's guilty as sin of screwing America. He knows it too.

It was the Laissez-faire attitude of the Chairman of our Federal Reserve Board, Alan Greenspan, that stood in the way of sensible oversight of our mortgage industry. If we had sensible oversight in place, this mortgage mess would never have evolved into the screwed up economic disaster that we're now living through. Richard Burr was a key supporter and enabler. Thank Richard Burr and his Laissez-faire philosophy for the mess that we now must endure.

Richard Burr and laissez-faire capitalism failed us. And now you can read about it in Michael's excellent book.

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Observations from an American Mall

It's been a really long time since I walked around a Mall. I was at one this weekend. It's a big Mall. It has four large anchor stores and probably 50+ other stores. But walking this Mall was an eye-opening experience. Some common sense observations:
  • Internet retailing and our sorry economy have turned America's Malls into ghost towns.
  • You never used to see empty store fronts in Malls. Now they're as common as a brainwashed Fox News watching Republican. They are everywhere.
  • Mall Rats are an extinct spices. Teenagers who used to hang out incessantly in Malls now hang out incessantly in front of computers to post on facebook, retrieve gmail, and gab on Skye.
  • If Mall PR people had a clue, they'd set up computers in the middle of Malls with free access to only Facebook, gmail and Skype.
  • I see dead people in Sears. It's a store only for grandparents buying socks and underwear, and an occasional Hispanic construction worker buying a Craftsman tool. But it's mostly abandoned.
  • The Body Shop needs to change their name to The Nobody Shop. I never see anyone in that store.
  • Radio Shack should change it's name to Cell Phone Store.
  • Everyone in a Mall is a reseller of one brand or another of cell phone service. I walked past an American Cookie Factory store and I was fully expecting to be greeted by a banner announcing their new Chocolate Chip Cookie Cell Phone service.
  • People buy food at the food court and then rush to their table to stick their head in their smart phones and cruise the internet. Someone needs to invent a smartphone that doubles as a utensil. You can use it to cruise the net while also effectively stuffing food in your mouth.
  • Fat people hang out at Malls. Or, maybe everyone in America is fat. One or the other. Probably the latter.
  • Only six things are sold in Malls: Cell phone service and equipment, Jeans, Food, Cheap Jewelry, Tennis shoes, and Athletic wear. If you want anything else, you're out of luck.
Malls and American retail store fronts are on their last leg of life. Our economy is going down the tubes. You can thank 8 years of a disastrous Republican Bush administration for the initial demise. Thank the upcoming election of a Republican majority in the House and more Republican seats in the Senate for the nail driven into the coffin of both our economy, and its once vibrant retail Malls.

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr, and so do our Malls.

Note to Senator Richard Burr's staffer

Burr must go: America is a third world country

I recently started watching the showtime series "Weeds" via Netflix. It's mostly funny, but I can't shake one line in an episode near the end of Season 2:

"There are 1370 Billionaires in our country, and 40 million people living beneath the poverty line. Wake up. America is an 'effing third world country."

It's so true. Welcome to an economy brought to us by Republicans. We're a third world country, at best.

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

Noooooo ... don't do it

Burr Must Go: North Carolina Realtors are smoking some good sh*t

I'm seeing multiple comments on twitter over the last couple of days indicating that NC Republican Senator Richard Burr supports NC Realtors by fighting hard to maintain the interest expense deduction for primary residences. I have a common sense question here. Where are NC Realtors getting their pot? It's evident that they sure are smoking some good sh*t.

This morning's headline in the Wall Street Journal? Key Tax Breaks at Risk. There is a bipartisan committee of 18 people meeting in Washington right now. They are going to issue a report next month on what needs to happen to close our nation's budget shortfalls. Allow me to cut to the chase and tell you what's going to happen depending on which political party controls the debate in Washington DC:

Republicans - They will continue their unbridled support for the wealthy by pushing all the tax changes onto the shoulders of the middle class. Interest deduction on home mortgages? Gone. Paying for medical insurance with pre-tax dollars? Gone. Some kind of consumption tax? Say hello to a new federal sales tax. In essence, Republicans will screwed middle class America, just as they have done for decades.

Democrats - Recognizing that the wealthy received the lion's share of the tax cuts over the last decade, they'll push to increase the tax burden on the wealthy.

So, which do you want to happen? I can tell you what will unfold. Watch and learn. The gullible middle class in this country will flock to the polls and elect Republicans. And they won't know or understand what hit them in the wallet in a few years when their taxes are thousands higher and more of them fall into poverty.

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

11 people jump out of a 3rd story window

News story. Honest. 11 people jump out of a 3rd story window. One of them claim to see the devil, the others jump. The first thought that crossed my mind? Someone from Fox News called Obama the devil, and 11 Republicans immediately jumped out the window. When Fox News says jump, Republicans just do it.

Republicans = A heck of a gullible bunch.

Richard Burr is a source of humor for NC: Those funny reader emails keep rolling in the door

Here's another good one that just arrived by email:

Richard Burr will screw America

Smart folks who truly understand economics and investing know what a Republican victory will mean for our economic future. We're screwed. Republicans will ensure that no sensible fiscal policies are available to address our economic woes. Without sensible fiscal tools to help battle this Republican economic mess, our federal reserve board simply won't be able to carry the entire weight on its shoulders. They'll try though. But it won't work. The end result is going to be massive money printing, run away inflation, and a US economy that's going over the cliff.

Watch and learn. Voting for Richard Burr will ensure that your house is going to be worthless, your savings gone, and any hopes of any kind of social security or government help for medical expenses will go up in smoke. There will be a small minority of people in our country who will make out like bandits. But most of America will be in the poor house faster than you can blink.

So say those on Wall Street who really understand economics and finances.

Voting for Burr? Good luck with that. You better have an intelligent investing game plan that includes owning gold, silver and making substantial, hyper-active bets against our nation's financial markets, or you're going to be standing in the bread line with an empty stomach.

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

Addendum - I'm just now seeing a very good article in the Wall Street Journal, written by famed economist Alan Blinder. Mr. Blinder does a better job than me in reviewing the give and take between fiscal and monetary policy. Putting Republicans back in control in Washington DC brings back the partisan gaming that will wind up wrecking our economic future. Yep. We're screwed if Richard Burr and his buddies come back into power. With Republicans back in control in Washington DC, if you don't know how to make money betting against our economy, you're going to wind up poor and hungry.

Senator Richard Burr: Honestly, I laughed so hard I was crying

... When I opened the email containing this one:

Where did Richard Burr learn math ?

There was a line in Richard Burr's latest commercial that I simply don't understand. His math just doesn't add up. He makes a comment that we pay $5 Trillion in interest expense. Now granted, he doesn't give any indication as to what period of time he's speaking about. But he makes it sound like our nation spends $5 Trillion a year in interest. Huh? Where did this man learn math?

Our federal government is $14 Trillion in debt. And, by the way, about $6 to $7 Trillion of that is owned by various governmental organizations like state and local governments, the social security administration, etc. Unless we're paying the mob for our borrowings, it's pretty darn hard to pay $5 Trillion in interest on $14 Trillion in debt.

Some of us wish Richard Burr would stick to the facts and stop all the scare tactics so common among the ignorant people in Washington DC.

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

Richard Burr lacks common sense

Richard Burr has a new commercial running. His theme centers around the voters' desire for representatives in Washington DC who have common sense. OK. I agree. But the one thing, among many, that really burns me about Richard Burr? How much common sense does a man possess who sits in Washington DC for 15 years while our nation goes in debt up to its eyeballs? Not much. Since Richard Burr went to Washington to represent NC in Congress, we've had an additional $8 Trillion in debt piled on our shoulders.

There's simply a lack of common sense in thinking a man who tolerated $8 Trillion in deficits should be sent back to Washington DC to represent us. It's time to give Richard Burr his walking papers.

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Senator Richard Burr: Official Photo

Official United States Senate photo of North Carolina Republican Senator Richard Burr, lap dog for Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell:

We love our US Senator, he goes where no US Senator has gone before .... up under his desk to fall asleep, while the real work in Washington DC gets done by others.

Richard Burr must go: Republican tax break that just plain pisses me off

Ever wonder why Wall Street executives making millions are clamoring to take jobs paying peanuts in the US Government? Well, the explanation is in this article. A Republican income tax break allows these executives to sell stock and pay ZERO income taxes on their gains. Remember the Republican bald-headed, stuttering, idiot of a US Treasury Secretary who cooked up the $787 Billion Bank bailout? He saved himself over $100 Million in income taxes by using this Republican loophole.

Thank you Senator Richard Burr. Thank you for once again protecting the most wealthy among us, at the expense of the middle class.

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

Senator Richard Burr: Re-Elect Nobody

Bob Corker explains why Republicans really sux

Bob Corker is hosting on CNBC (Biz News TeeVee) this morning. Bob's a Republican Senator from the neighboring state of Tennessee. Bob's a decent guy. He's like the great neighbor down the street you enjoy seeing and speaking with every now and then. He's simply an all around solid citizen.

But listening to Bob this morning firms up why I'm so darn pissed off at my Republican Party. Bob's rightly pointing out how our government has gone astray in fiscal matters. We're spending at a rate of 25% of our GDP, but only collecting taxes at a level of 18% of GDP. That 7% gap is HUGE on a GDP base of $14 Trillion annually. 7% x $14 Trillion = $1 Trillion deficits. Bob continues to hammer this point home, like its some kind of new election cycle battle cry. Bob, you're just now getting religion on this issue?

Bob's whining lacks credibility on two fronts. He glosses over the fact that our long term average intake of revenues is at 21% of GDP. In other words, we've endured years and years of Republican tax cuts that have gone too far. You simply can't cut taxes endlessly without there being serious ramifications. Republican tax cuts have led to massive deficits, yet they won't own up to it.

The other primary issue where Bob and most other Republicans lack credibility? Bob will bitch all day long about spending, but he won't offer a plan to make the drastic cuts we're going to need to balance our budget. Why? Because he knows that those cuts are going to be so sever and deep and there's no way he'd get re-elected if he had to admit just how deep they will be. Bob knows that deep cuts will be needed in medical spending, social security, food stamps, defense spending. We're talking massive budget cuts that will be felt far and wide. Bob knows that a vast majority of Americans are going to be deeply hurt by the coming cuts. Bob knows that the turmoil in our nation when this happens will make the current protests in France look like a picnic. But Bob won't admit it. Bob wants Republicans to be elected. The bad news can come later.

Our Senator, Richard Burr, is worse than Bob. Richard has promised our state's Realtors that he'll fight for the interest expense deduction on home mortgages. Richard has complained about the minor cuts we recently made to Medicare. The reality is Richard Burr is pulling the wool over the eyes of the people of North Carolina in an effort to get elected. He's promising the sky, but knows our economic future is about to go dark. If he faced reality and told the truth, the shocking message he'd deliver would so enrage the citizens of North Carolina that there's no way he'd be re-elected.

I don't like Republicans because they lie. Republicans screwed our nation. We cut taxes too much. We spent money like it grew on trees. We can't do that anymore. And to balance our budgets, its going to really hurt. The hurt is mostly going to fall on the shoulders of the people who can least afford to feel the pain. But Senator Richard Burr won't look you in the eye and deliver this message. He's a lying, sorry, POS Senator who will say whatever it takes to get re-elected.

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Richard Burr Button: For 99.99% of North Carolina

VOTE, damn it.

You may not like my message. But your opinion of my opinion won't count for squat unless you get off your duff and VOTE. Participate in our democracy. This is an important election. VOTE, damn it.

Economically, we're at one heck of a critical juncture. As a CPA, MBA, securities trader who spends all his time, each and every day, reading, breathing, eating, sleeping all aspects of our economy and its financial markets ... I simply can't express to you how important this election will be for our economic future.

Unfortunately though, we're screwed no matter who wins. Republicans have done far too much damage to our economy to enable our country to dig out of the abyss. Our economy is going to crash and burn, eventually. Your house will be worthless. Money? It'll be worthless too. You will own absolutely nothing of value. Nothing. And food and other necessities will be too expensive to buy, unless you own tons of gold and silver. But when you're out there in the street protesting and raising all kinds of hell in a couple years, aren't you going to feel better about pissing all over our elected officials if you actually voted? You bet.

So, VOTE now. Protest later. You'll be broke and hungry, but you'll feel better for having voted.

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

Senator Richard Burr: The funny stuff keeps flooding in

There are some really funny people who recently started reading this blog. This was just sent to me via email:

There's always something funny coming my way

I'm always getting funny and interesting emails. Someone just emailed me an image to a bumper sticker they saw on cars around Charlotte:

Just plain tired of listening to Republicans like Richard Burr whine about the Corporate Income Tax Rate

Corporations in our country are subject to a 35% tax rate? That's what the tax code says. But that's not the case. Although, Republicans like Richard Burr are constantly bitching about the need to cut the corporate income tax rate. If you buy the need to cut corporate taxes, then you're allowing Richard Burr to pull the wool over your eyes.

Read this article that just came out today. Google makes Billions in annual profits. But through schemes allowed by our Congress, Google transfers a large slice of those profits into foreign tax shelters, where they get taxed at only 2%. The overall effective income tax rate paid by Google last year? 22%.

There are other interesting observations from this article:
  • A study done at UNC and the U. of Michigan shows that the median tax rate paid by US corporations after all their deductions and such is really around 28% - the same incremental rate paid by middle class families in our country.
  • That 28% rate in the US is lower than most other industrial countries: The combined national-local statutory rate is 34.4 percent in France, 30.2 percent in Germany and 39.5 percent in Japan.
  • Most big, international tech companies are paying effective rates that range from 5 to 26%.
  • President Obama has tried to put a stop to all the tax games these big companies play, but his bill sits in the US Senate, where's its being blocked by Republicans.
And yes, Google is the same filthy rich company that the State of North Carolina handed tens of millions in income tax cuts too in order to entice them to hire a very small handful of our state's citizens. What a giant waste of our money.

Aren't you just plain tired of being lied too? Corporations don't pay 35% income tax. They get breaks and tax cuts, and are allowed to play games just not available to the rest of us. Yet, Republicans want to cut their taxes even more. Republicans like Richard Burr are all about protecting the wealthy at the expense of the middle class.

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

Democrats missed a golden opportunity

Of all the things I've written on this blog in the past, this small part of a longer post speaks volumes for why Democrats are getting stomped:

"Stop cowering in the closet. Democrats need to go for the jugular. Republicans politicians F'ed up our country. Their terrible philosophy of endless tax cutting while running tremendous deficits, their laissez-faire attitude of allowing the markets to police themselves, their war mongering and throwing of massive amounts of our budget into the defense department, and their overall attitude of rewarding the rich while screwing the middle class ... well, these are all good reasons to go for the jugular. The leaders of the Democratic party need to stop trying to compromise with Republicans. God damn it, kick the Republican Party in the teeth and run them the hell out of Washington DC. They screwed up this country. They need to be punished."

Democrats made the fatal mistake of trying to extend an olive branch and seek compromise. In reality, our country would have been significantly better off had our new President and the Democratic Congressional leaders thrown the noose over the highest tree in the town square, lynched all the Republicans, and allowed them to freely swing in the wind.

When you get screwed, you don't extend the hand of friendship, you sharpen your weapons, return to the battlefield, and go for the kill. Democrats are too soft. They need to grow a backbone and learn how to operate like junk yard dogs, like Republicans.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Senator Richard Burr really gets around

Don't Blame us for Senator Richard Burr

Life goes on

There's a good chance that we're going to send our mental midget, Richard Burr, back to Washington DC. A running list of the good and bad news in that outcome:

Good News
  • My blogging efforts get extended another 6 years
  • I'm going to have fun dogging this dolt for awhile longer
  • NoBurr_2016 Twitter account just got registered this morning
  • I'm going to grow more wealthy shorting our nation's financial markets
  • It'll be amusing as we watch the middle class wonder why they continue to get the shaft

Bad News
  • North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr

Burr must go: The post that kicked off this blog

The post, in March 2009, that kicked off this blog:


Yesterday was a day of working around my house. It's spring and spring always brings on chores. I enjoy it because it gets my mind off issues like the economy, the financial markets, and politics. That reduces my stress levels, which is something I need.

But then, a neighbor walked over and we talked. Mistake. He's a die-hard Republican. I am too. But lately, I straddle the fence, generally hating both parties. But he sent my stress levels to the roof with a constant pounding on Barny Frank, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and John Kerry. It's their fault. Everything's their fault.

A typical Republican.

I have to tell you, I'm just flat tired of hearing Republicans talk about our nation's problems. The Republican Party IS OUR NATION'S PROBLEM. These people were in control of the White House for the last 8 years. They were in control of Congress for 6 of the last 8 years. It was a total break down in government oversight and regulation that brought us to this point. And that was the Republican's fault. They were in control. I have a message for all Republicans out there who want to mouth off about Democratic leaders:

Just shut up.

Republicans did nothing about energy spiraling out of control. They did nothing about education costs that bankrupted families, and piled debt onto the shoulders of our young people. They did nothing about health care costs that were the single biggest factor in personal bankruptcies in our nation. They did nothing about the 45 million Americans without health care coverage. They did nothing about our broken education system. They sat on their asses while wealth concentration hit historical proportions, while the middle class suffered. They doubled our nation's debt by piling another $5 Trillion to the shoulders of our children. They were directly responsible for putting a leash on the SEC to the point it was a broken, toothless, total waste of money.

But Republicans were an accomplished party on some fronts. They made the rich even richer. They prided themselves on increasing home ownership to record levels, and we know how that worked out. They started wars. They spent money like drunken sailors. They allowed our investment banks to leverage up to 40 to 1. They stood in the way of the Federal Reserve providing adult oversight to the mortgage lending industry. And I could go on and on.

I am a Republican. I so deplore how irresponsible my party has been that I don't have a single kind word to say about my party or any of it's leaders. And I'm not a fan either of the Democratic Party. However, I'm smart enough to know who's a fault for this mess. Republicans. And I am smart enough to know that the only answer right now is to give the other guys a chance. And that means we need to push out of office every damn Republican who served during the Bush administration. Every single one. We need to give the other guys a chance to do better. And they need at least 8 years before we start giving them grief.

It was our fault. We screwed America. The Republican Party is to blame for this mess. And Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, Harry Reid and Barney Frank deserve our silence right now.

So, a message to fellow Republicans:

Just shut up.