Friday, October 22, 2010

Bob Corker explains why Republicans really sux

Bob Corker is hosting on CNBC (Biz News TeeVee) this morning. Bob's a Republican Senator from the neighboring state of Tennessee. Bob's a decent guy. He's like the great neighbor down the street you enjoy seeing and speaking with every now and then. He's simply an all around solid citizen.

But listening to Bob this morning firms up why I'm so darn pissed off at my Republican Party. Bob's rightly pointing out how our government has gone astray in fiscal matters. We're spending at a rate of 25% of our GDP, but only collecting taxes at a level of 18% of GDP. That 7% gap is HUGE on a GDP base of $14 Trillion annually. 7% x $14 Trillion = $1 Trillion deficits. Bob continues to hammer this point home, like its some kind of new election cycle battle cry. Bob, you're just now getting religion on this issue?

Bob's whining lacks credibility on two fronts. He glosses over the fact that our long term average intake of revenues is at 21% of GDP. In other words, we've endured years and years of Republican tax cuts that have gone too far. You simply can't cut taxes endlessly without there being serious ramifications. Republican tax cuts have led to massive deficits, yet they won't own up to it.

The other primary issue where Bob and most other Republicans lack credibility? Bob will bitch all day long about spending, but he won't offer a plan to make the drastic cuts we're going to need to balance our budget. Why? Because he knows that those cuts are going to be so sever and deep and there's no way he'd get re-elected if he had to admit just how deep they will be. Bob knows that deep cuts will be needed in medical spending, social security, food stamps, defense spending. We're talking massive budget cuts that will be felt far and wide. Bob knows that a vast majority of Americans are going to be deeply hurt by the coming cuts. Bob knows that the turmoil in our nation when this happens will make the current protests in France look like a picnic. But Bob won't admit it. Bob wants Republicans to be elected. The bad news can come later.

Our Senator, Richard Burr, is worse than Bob. Richard has promised our state's Realtors that he'll fight for the interest expense deduction on home mortgages. Richard has complained about the minor cuts we recently made to Medicare. The reality is Richard Burr is pulling the wool over the eyes of the people of North Carolina in an effort to get elected. He's promising the sky, but knows our economic future is about to go dark. If he faced reality and told the truth, the shocking message he'd deliver would so enrage the citizens of North Carolina that there's no way he'd be re-elected.

I don't like Republicans because they lie. Republicans screwed our nation. We cut taxes too much. We spent money like it grew on trees. We can't do that anymore. And to balance our budgets, its going to really hurt. The hurt is mostly going to fall on the shoulders of the people who can least afford to feel the pain. But Senator Richard Burr won't look you in the eye and deliver this message. He's a lying, sorry, POS Senator who will say whatever it takes to get re-elected.

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

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