Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Burr is lying through his teeth about our current government policies

To listen to Republican Senator Richard Burr, you'd think that our Federal Government is sending our economy down the tubes. Far from it. As much as you might not like the current high unemployment, our nation's financial markets are screaming loudly that an economic recovery is well underway. Unemployment will come down sooner than most people think. How do I know this? Because recoveries always unfold in a predictable, ordered manner:
  1. The financial markets sniff out a coming recovery and bid up asset prices in anticipation.
  2. Business starts to experience a pickup in activity.
  3. Increased economic activity leads to hiring, and falling unemployment.
Where are we in this cycle? We're well into the phase where the financial markets are sniffing out recovery. Prices of assets are bolting higher:
What's the risk now? The primary risk is that the current fiscal policies laid down by the Obama Administration wind up getting derailed by Republicans.

Watch and learn. Republicans will come back into power as a result of ignorance of the electorate to how economic cycles work. Republicans will make all the wrong fiscal moves, unwinding the accomplishments to date. Our economy will take a hard turn down, crash, and burn. That's what I foresee once we put idiots like Republican Senator Richard Burr back in control of our nation's fiscal policies. And I'm going to be right as rain, and make one hell of a ton of money as a result.

Most people focus on the fact that ignorance doesn't pay. As an investor and speculator in our nation's financial markets, I focus on developing intimate knowledge of what the ignorant will do. That really pays, in a big way.

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

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