Thursday, October 21, 2010

Democrats missed a golden opportunity

Of all the things I've written on this blog in the past, this small part of a longer post speaks volumes for why Democrats are getting stomped:

"Stop cowering in the closet. Democrats need to go for the jugular. Republicans politicians F'ed up our country. Their terrible philosophy of endless tax cutting while running tremendous deficits, their laissez-faire attitude of allowing the markets to police themselves, their war mongering and throwing of massive amounts of our budget into the defense department, and their overall attitude of rewarding the rich while screwing the middle class ... well, these are all good reasons to go for the jugular. The leaders of the Democratic party need to stop trying to compromise with Republicans. God damn it, kick the Republican Party in the teeth and run them the hell out of Washington DC. They screwed up this country. They need to be punished."

Democrats made the fatal mistake of trying to extend an olive branch and seek compromise. In reality, our country would have been significantly better off had our new President and the Democratic Congressional leaders thrown the noose over the highest tree in the town square, lynched all the Republicans, and allowed them to freely swing in the wind.

When you get screwed, you don't extend the hand of friendship, you sharpen your weapons, return to the battlefield, and go for the kill. Democrats are too soft. They need to grow a backbone and learn how to operate like junk yard dogs, like Republicans.

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