Thursday, October 28, 2010

I can't stay away. We're in trouble.

I can't seem to stay away from this blog. I'm back to press a point.

We're in real trouble.

On CNBC (Business News) this morning, the right wing nut jobs are giddy with excitement about the pending sweep of the Republican Party. That's not what concerns me. What really concerns me is their expectations as to what will unfold. They are fully expecting more tax cuts, and even more tax cuts, and finally ... more tax cuts. Of course, all tax cuts will be primarily pointed in the direction of the very wealthy. In other words, more calls for trickle down economics, more expectations of tax cuts being the answer to all our nation's ills. In passing, they mumble something about a spending cut or two.

My god. It's more of the same crap that got us into this mess in the first place. What in the world are these idiots thinking?

We're well on our way down the road to ruin in America. We have cut taxes far too much. We have spent far too much. Common sense would dictate that we both raise taxes and cut spending. But, we're not going to get that from Republicans. Within the first year, we'll get $500 Billion in tax cuts. The vast majority of it will fall into the pockets of the wealthy. And we might see a couple billion in spending cuts, but not near as much as we need to happen. Our deficits will balloon higher. Our economy will crash and burn. We'll see violence in the streets. And the initial stage of revolution and total social breakdown will take hold.

Watch and learn.

My message to Republicans? JUST DO IT. I'm going to be prepared to shoot the lights out in bets against our economy. And when all hell breaks loose in the streets of America, I'll be snug in my basement with food, water, and gold, prepared for one heck of a long stay. We'll just let the Republicans kill each other off. Maybe when we emerge sometime in 2020, our nation will be rid of all the loony, right wing nut jobs.

There's always hope.

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