Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ignorance will send Burr back to Washington. Just plain IGNORANCE.

This is why we're going to send an ignorant moron back to Washington DC to represent us in the US Senate: Working class whites shun Dems.

Republicans throw working class whites 10 cent tax cuts. Then they allow our wealthy to walk away with billions, all the while saddling our nation with massive debt. And the little guy simply isn't smart enough to know that he, and our country, are getting screwed. Welcome to America, where Republicans pull the wool over the eyes of a massive number of our ignorant electorate, with ease.

We're going to get what we deserve in this country. Ignorance rules. And we're going to pay in the end. We're going to go broke. Our economy will crash and burn. Our financial markets will know NO bottom. Our savings will go up in smoke. Our homes will not be worth the firewood they'll represent. We're screwed.

Not me though. Definitely not me. I'm going to short the living crap out of our nation's financial markets when Republicans, like Richard Burr, take control of the purse strings again. I'm going to place massive bets that Republicans, like Richard Burr, will once again screw America. I'm going to make a fricken fortune off the ignorance of America, and stupidity of the Republican party.

God bless America, where you can profit off ignorance.

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.


  1. How refreshing to see someone that despises this poor excuse for a Senator as much as I do. It might come at no surprise that I am a NC Yellow Dog Democrat, but partisan politics aside, honestly this guy is worthless and I have been saying it for years. He has accomplished nothing for North Carolinian's and will continue to do nothing once re-elected in November. I was really hoping the Republicans would have brought forth a descent candidate in the primaries to take this joke off his high horse. It would have been a win-win for me in November. I could have won with the Democrat or won knowing this dirt bag was out of office by defeat from a new republican. But what mind boggles me is that in a time when an anti-incumbent movement is at an all time high, North Carolinian's show there intelligence by re-electing the worst incumbent in decades in the primary. Burr better count his lucky stars that there is a swing towards the Republican party this Fall,if not he would be toast. He will win come November rest assured, but his time will come next election, (I hope) when North Carolinian's continue to see no change coming from Washington. Keeping posting the truth about this non accomplishing douche.