Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Incumbents like Richard Burr need to be tossed aside

If you do nothing else before the upcoming election, you need to read this brief article. The really interesting stuff is on page two. Paul Ferrell from MarketWatch is summing up a longer paper written by a former International Monetary Fund economist, Professor Pete Morici.

A Revolution is coming. We're going to pick up our pitchforks and march on Washington DC. Not yet. Not for a few more years. But, it's going to get bad, and we're going to eventually overthrow our government in a Revolutionary wave.

The bottom line, we're screwed. There is no way out of our current economic mess without some really serious financial pain. Both parties are to blame. And the Tea Party proposals will take us down the sewer faster than any of the other alternatives. There are no answers to resolve our mess though. WE WILL eventually go down the sewer.

Who's to blame? Anyone who's been serving us in Washington DC. Anyone, everyone, incumbents, Richard Burr. Republican Senator Richard Burr has been in Congress for 15 years, while this disaster has unfolded. Richard Burr is to blame for our financial mess. And when our country just plain blows up and gets flushed down the sewer, maybe then we will ALL pick up our pitch forks and go find our moron Senator Richard Burr. The man's a complete and utter failure. If you don't know that now, you will soon enough.

You'll come to realize, what I now know, after your 401 K, IRA, Roth, Coverdale, 529, Pension plans are worthless, your house is worth nothing, your savings are gone, there is no Medicare, no Social Security, society ceases to function. That's when you'll come to your senses and realize what I already know. Burr failed us. We sent an idiot to represent us in Washington DC. And we're going to pay the price.

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

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