Sunday, October 24, 2010

Richard Burr will screw America

Smart folks who truly understand economics and investing know what a Republican victory will mean for our economic future. We're screwed. Republicans will ensure that no sensible fiscal policies are available to address our economic woes. Without sensible fiscal tools to help battle this Republican economic mess, our federal reserve board simply won't be able to carry the entire weight on its shoulders. They'll try though. But it won't work. The end result is going to be massive money printing, run away inflation, and a US economy that's going over the cliff.

Watch and learn. Voting for Richard Burr will ensure that your house is going to be worthless, your savings gone, and any hopes of any kind of social security or government help for medical expenses will go up in smoke. There will be a small minority of people in our country who will make out like bandits. But most of America will be in the poor house faster than you can blink.

So say those on Wall Street who really understand economics and finances.

Voting for Burr? Good luck with that. You better have an intelligent investing game plan that includes owning gold, silver and making substantial, hyper-active bets against our nation's financial markets, or you're going to be standing in the bread line with an empty stomach.

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

Addendum - I'm just now seeing a very good article in the Wall Street Journal, written by famed economist Alan Blinder. Mr. Blinder does a better job than me in reviewing the give and take between fiscal and monetary policy. Putting Republicans back in control in Washington DC brings back the partisan gaming that will wind up wrecking our economic future. Yep. We're screwed if Richard Burr and his buddies come back into power. With Republicans back in control in Washington DC, if you don't know how to make money betting against our economy, you're going to wind up poor and hungry.

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