Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Senator Richard Burr is not a North Carolinian

I flipped on the news last night. When I watch news I usually tune into Channel 14 in Raleigh, which is the time warner local news. I flipped to channel 14. There he sat. Our Republican Senator, Richard Burr, was giving a sit down interview. And I almost fell out of my chair at his responses.

Our Senator is not a North Carolinian. He doesn't related to our State. He's been in Washington DC so very long now, that he thinks of himself as an arm of the Federal Government. That was clearly evident from his interview. Senator Burr kept referring to the people of North Carolina as "THEM". Did you catch that? I did. He did this over and over again. Our Senator is not one of "us". Our Republican Senator is simply not a fellow North Carolinian.

It's our Senator who is now one of THEM. He's an agent of our Federal Government. He's a resident of the District of Columbia. His life is now in Washington DC. He no longer relates to North Carolina.

Boy, did that ever piss me off.

I decided last night that I'm voting for Elaine Marshall. Elaine is one of US. I suspect Elaine will always be one of US. I just don't think Elaine will ever be the type who comes to think of the people of North Carolina as a THEM.

So, after nearly two years of pounding out posts for this blog on a myriad of issues, but primarily centered around economics and our financial markets ... for me, it comes down to something far more simple. THEM versus US.

To Richard Burr, the people of North Carolina are THEM.
To Elaine Marshall, the people of North Carolina are US.

I'm voting for US over THEM. I'm voting for Elaine Marshall.

Richard Burr can take his THEM attitude and stick it where the sun doesn't shine. This man has failed America and the State of North Carolina on a number of fronts. But his worse sin? To Richard Burr, the people of North Carolina are "Them".

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

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