Thursday, October 21, 2010

VOTE, damn it.

You may not like my message. But your opinion of my opinion won't count for squat unless you get off your duff and VOTE. Participate in our democracy. This is an important election. VOTE, damn it.

Economically, we're at one heck of a critical juncture. As a CPA, MBA, securities trader who spends all his time, each and every day, reading, breathing, eating, sleeping all aspects of our economy and its financial markets ... I simply can't express to you how important this election will be for our economic future.

Unfortunately though, we're screwed no matter who wins. Republicans have done far too much damage to our economy to enable our country to dig out of the abyss. Our economy is going to crash and burn, eventually. Your house will be worthless. Money? It'll be worthless too. You will own absolutely nothing of value. Nothing. And food and other necessities will be too expensive to buy, unless you own tons of gold and silver. But when you're out there in the street protesting and raising all kinds of hell in a couple years, aren't you going to feel better about pissing all over our elected officials if you actually voted? You bet.

So, VOTE now. Protest later. You'll be broke and hungry, but you'll feel better for having voted.

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

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