Sunday, October 31, 2010

Vote Richard Burr, Jester of the US Senate

Richard Burr paid for a sticker to be placed on the front page of the Raleigh News and Observer this morning. I couldn't resist a quick scan and a few word edits. The really amazing thing I discovered from the actual Vote for Burr sticker? Burr's election committee Treasurer, Tim Gupton, is practically a neighbor of mine. Honestly, if I stand on my front porch and turn in one direction, I can almost hit his house with a rock. Turned the other direction, I can almost hurl a stone and hit Elaine Marshall's front porch. Seems we're having a right neighborly political feud going on these days.

It's likely that two of the three of us won't be voting for Richard on Tuesday. But who knows, maybe all three of us will be casting a ballot for Elaine? Tim's a good CPA with an excellent reputation in our business community, which usually portends possession of a decent amount of common sense. So it wouldn't surprise me if we go 3 for 3 in Elaine votes, and there's really nothing to this neighborhood feud.

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