Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Don't let Washington get in the way of educational choice ... WTF?

I'm tired of all these bullshit commercials that private educational institutions are running on TV right now, asking us to contact Congress and direct them to stay out of choice in private education. These asswipes put the hard sell on naive people to borrow massive amounts of money to attend their institutions. For the very few who eventually graduate, they mostly find their degrees worth next to nothing. A large number of these graduates never obtain jobs that enable them to pay back their student loans. Our federal government guarantees most of this debt. It goes bad at an alarming rate. The American taxpayer gets stuck with the bill. And worse, the executives running these private institutions are sucking out billions in compensation.

My god, who's the fool here? Not me. These private education institutions can kiss my ass. If my Congressional representatives don't crack down HARD on the bullshit that goes on here, I'm going on a war path. We're already paying billions for sub-prime housing debt gone bad. Now we want to get stuck with billions more in bad education loans? I don't think so.

Watch and learn. Our idiot Senator Richard Burr will vote to support keeping government out of choice in private education. But our idiot Senator will continue to guarantee the debt that winds up paying 90% of the money going into the pockets of these POS, fraudulent degree printing shops. And the taxpayer will remain on the hook for a monster number of these loans that wind up going bad.

Stay out of choice in education? Well, OK. Stay out of guaranteeing loans too. But I don't expect our US Senator to apply this level of common sense. He's an idiot.

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

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