Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Erskine Bowles fails us, again

Erskine Bowles failed us again. President Obama appointed Erskine to co-head our nation's deficit panel. Today Erskine announces a draft plan that can't get the necessary agreement from among the 14 panel members. And he's even admitting that it's a non-starter in Congress. And although President Obama tasked Erskine's panel with delivering a plan that balances the budget in 2015, Erskine comes up $300 Billion short. It's really a sad situation.

I have to laugh at this pathetic plan. It's a typical Republican plan. The tax rates on the very wealthy get cut the most. And the primary deduction that benefits middle class Americans, the home interest expense deduction, gets totally eliminated. Stripped down to the basics, its a plan to cut taxes on the wealthy and increase taxes on the middle class. Judd Gregg is pounding his chest and calling this plan a winner, which means that Erskine allowed himself to get steam rolled by Republicans. The Republican wealthy win again.

Erskine Bowles is another in a long, long line of disappointing North Carolina politicians. The man was asleep at the wheel while administrative expenses went through the roof at our state's public universities. He failed miserably in controlling costs across all levels of our university system. As a result, we experienced a massive tuition rate increase last year and I fully expect many more in the near future to pay for Erskine's terrible mismanagement of our universities. And now, he's failing us again, on the national level. We just can't win.

Bowles, Burr, Edwards ... it's pretty sickening at how our state continues to send sorry people to Washington DC as representatives from North Carolina.

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

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