Monday, November 1, 2010

I live in a Republican neighborhood

Halloween was a miserable experience. I stayed home and handed out the candy while my wife and child participated in the door to door activities. I usually like staying put and having all the kids decked in costumes parade by our house. But last night was a real downer. It reminded me of our nation's political landscape.

The vast majority of the children in our neighborhood were just plain rude. We gave out the big candy bars. And I had a tray full of various types. I'd ask the children to take one, they'd grab for more. The boys would push the girls out of the way. Kids would rush the door, almost knocking me down a couple times. I heard few Happy Halloweens and even fewer Thanks Yous. A number of children trampled across our yards, instead of using the sidewalks. And there were parents standing outside encouraging little Johnny to mow down the landscape in an effort to make it to more houses. It was disappointing and discouraging. I live in a Republican neighborhood with little Republican children.

You know who these kids really remind me of? Tea Party nuts. They complain about government. They complain about taxes. They complain about spending. They complain about everything. Then they go home to their homes bought with Government subsidized loans, or debt forgiveness. They collect social security or unemployment. They get free health care via Medicaid or Medicare. They buy their groceries with food stamps. They pay little to no income taxes. They haven't served a day in our military. These people know only how to take. And they're not grateful for anything. Just like the vast majority of the little Republican children who came to my door last night.

I now know what the answer is. Give them what they want. Allow the Tea Party and Republican nut jobs to take over our Government. They'll cut taxes on the wealthy and continue massive deficit spending. Eventually, it'll drive our nation into bankruptcy. A few wealthy people will survive and thrive. The vast majority of Americans will suffer mightily. The Tea Party and Republican nut jobs will get what they deserve, while also delivering major hurt to the rest of America.

And the little Republican kids in my neighborhood? Next year I'm giving out penny gum, and only after I hear Happy Halloween and an ample number of Thank Yous.

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