Monday, November 1, 2010

Republican Chris Cristie - 2012

I'm leaning now to Chris Cristie (The Republican Governor of New Jersey) for President in 2012. This man eats nails for breakfast and kicks ass for lunch. Although I continue to mostly like President Obama and the job he's doing, there are just too many issues with him that rub me the wrong way:
  • Suing Arizona over illegal immigration was insane.
  • The health care legislation failed on the cost cutting front.
  • Shareholders still don't have enough of a voice to put a stop to egregious CEO pay.
  • Our economy almost crashed, we lost Trillions in wealth, yet nobody from Wall Street got dressed in orange jump suits.
  • Aide to homeowners to slow foreclosures only rewards the irresponsible.
  • That stop to offshore drilling? It was stupid. It cost us jobs.
  • I got sick of all the vacations. While America burned, Barack and Michelle went on vacation.
  • Finally, he failed to punish Bush Republicans.
Make no mistake, I still think North Carolina Republican Senator Richard Burr needs to have his sorry tail kicked out of office. This man was there. He was there while America's economy nearly burned to the ground. He lit the match. He's to blame for this economic mess. And its a pathetic situation if we reward this mental midget with another term in the United States Senate.

I'm a Republican, but Republican Richard Burr will NEVER have my support.

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

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