Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We the Sheople

These days I constantly shake my head at just how naive the American people are. The Tea Party is full of ignorant nut jobs. Republicans are the party of a very few wealthy who have sucked in a vast number of highly religious, anti-abortion, gun loving, financially bankrupt Americans. A few wealthy Republicans, pulling the party strings, engineer a policy of lining their own pockets at the expense of our entire nation. People of vast wealth are exploiting naive people of faith. Wall Street and Corporate Executives continue to reap sky high financial rewards, while a vast number of Americans are helplessly unemployed. Our economy almost crashed and burned, but not a sole got punished. And on, and on, and on.

These inequities continue because the vast majority of Americans just sit there and take it. They're ignorant. They don't think. They don't look around and make an effort to understand what's really going on in our country. They don't protest. They don't take to the streets. They don't rise up and raise hell. They just sit there. They take it. They do nothing.

Financial traders have a term for these Americans. They are a cross between sheep and people. Sheople. Americans are largely Sheople.

I saw a classic case of the American Sheople unfold this weekend. I was out shopping the Black Friday specials. I stood in line with over 100 sheople to buy an iTouch for my daughter, at a great price. I was about number 20 in line. Time and again, the store employees announced that there were only 35 iTouches to be sold. There were easily 100 people in line. They stood there, ignorant people who couldn't figure out that with only 35 units for sale, there was no chance that persons 36 through 100 would be able to buy anything. They waited in line for almost an hour anyway. Sheople.

We are a nation of Sheople. It's no wonder we find ourselves in such a massive economic mess. We vote for idiots to represent us in Washington DC. We allow the very wealthy to take advantage of our nation's Treasury at the expense of our children's financial well being. We sit around and do nothing about all the corporate theft that goes on around us. We just sit back and take whatever is dished out to us.

When I read this article today about Larry Silverstein getting another $200 Million in stimulus money on top of $1.2 Billion in low-cost government financing to rebuild his world trade center towers, all I could think about was - Sheople. This is the very same man who tried to present a legal case to collect twice from his property insurer for the entire value of the world trade center simply because two separate planes caused the damage. This is a billionaire who has become vastly more wealthy as a result of 3,000 lives getting snuffed out by terrorists. This is a man who gets handed our money with ease. He had no downside risk in his property ownership, only a financial windfall paid to him by the American Sheople Taxpayers.

Next time your house burns down, see if the American Sheople come to your rescue.

We are Sheople. We get what we deserve. We get screwed by the wealthy, constantly.

The top 2% wealthiest Americans are about to pull the wool over the eyes of the American Sheople, again. These wealthy will be aided by our US Senator Richard Burr. They will get tax cuts, although our nation is $14 Trillion in debt. We are the sheople. We vote for idiots like Richard Burr. And we allow the wealthy to reward themselves at the expense of our entire nation's Treasury. We are the sheople. We get what we deserve.

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

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  1. J Willis,

    Love the Blog. Keep it up man.

    Sam Turner