Thursday, November 18, 2010

WSJ Headline: Bernanke Takes Aim at China

The Wall Street Journal headline this evening: Bernanke takes aim at China.

An excerpt: "The Fed chairman's message, though scholarly in tone, was unusually blunt in laying blame for inflationary pressures in emerging markets and for tensions over currencies on countries like China."

Go get 'em Ben. But unfortunately, you won't be getting any help from our clueless politicians in Washington DC. Clueless clowns like our state's dolt of a Senator, Richard Burr. Those morons couldn't pass Econ 101 if their lives depended on it.

Those 'effing Republican politicians who recently attacked Ben will wind up with egg all over their faces. Ben Bernanke is going to force a world wide economic realignment that will set the world economy back on a path to prosperity. Watch and learn. In the future, we'll look back at this point in time and thank the lord that she sent us a former South of the Border waiter to act as our nation's Chief China knee-capper.

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

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