Monday, December 13, 2010

Richard Burr is a Liar

In his recent campaign, Richard Burr pointed fingers everywhere but in the mirror for our nation's fiscal irresponsibility:

"we must not under-estimate the long term effects of continuing to add to our federal deficit" ... Mr. Burr says in one of his E-Newsletters.

Mr. Burr runs commercials complaining about "more government spending" and "more federal debt".

In the NC Senate Debate on June 27, 2010, Mr. Burr cries "We're $13 trillion in debt. The answer is to stop spending. Americans are saying 'enough'. The answer is, let's stop spending."

In April 2010 in a WRAL radio interview the first words out of Richard's mouth were "My first priority is to address our enormous debt. "

and I could go on and on and on ... time and again Mr. Burr speaks out about our debt and spending, like he's not responsible. Others in Washington DC have created this problem, according to Richard.

Today, Richard Burr will vote to borrow an additional $900 Billion from China. Mr. Burr will willingly pile another $900 Billion on top of the $14 Trillion in debt we already suffer from. And this $900 Billion over the next 2 years is in addition to another $2 - $3 Trillion in debt we are already going to incur. By the time its all said and done, our nation will be in debt by $17 - $18 Trillion within 2 years. Mr. Burr will be voting to spend this $900 Billion because he thinks its critical that we give our nation's super wealthy yet another Republican income tax break.

If you're reading this, and you voted for this loser, I sure hope you're waking up to what I knew months and years ago. Mr. Richard Burr is a LIAR. The man is a typical politician. He'll say whatever is convenient in order to be elected. He takes no responsibility for his own actions. This man has been in Congress for 15+ years, and Richard Burr is one of the primary reasons our economy is suffering and our debt has gone through the roof. If you voted for this loser, you failed North Carolina, you failed our nation, and I hope like hell you learned a lesson - our Republican Party exists to simply protect the super wealthy.

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Richard Burr.

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