Thursday, December 2, 2010

Does Richard Burr read Bill Gross?

Bill Gross? He's THE bond guru. Bill runs one of the biggest bond houses in the US - PIMCO. Bill's the KING of the bond heap in America. When Bill talks, interest rates react.

Bill's latest monthly read is pretty darn interesting. Bill explains how and why our politicians have failed us. These are the sentences that caught my attention:

"Politicians also get elected by promising to keep taxes low, even for the rich, with the argument that small business owners cannot afford the increase. The real beneficiaries however, are the mega-millionaires of Wall Street and Newport Beach."

Hello, Senator Burr? Do you know of Bill Gross? Do you even bother to read his monthly opinion pieces? He's calling you a LOSER.

And yes, Senator Richard Burr is a Class A Loser. The man is all about income tax cuts for the wealthy among us. And the wealthy are making money hand over fist. Senator Richard Burr is handing them millions in income tax cuts, while they are also banking major coin from our Federal Reserve Board's policies. While we hand money to the rich, our country goes deeper into debt and we get closer to economic hell. And when our economy crashes and burns under its massive debt burden, we'll have our idiot Senator Richard Burr to thank for it.

Richard - get off your lazy butt and read the monthly stuff from the desk of Bill Gross.

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

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