Thursday, December 9, 2010

You watching the violence in the UK?

I'm absolutely amazed at what's happening in the UK today. Students there are getting violent in massive street protests. That's not the amazing thing to me though. What amazes me is how the commentators on CNBC call these protests ridiculous. These CNBC commentators are blind to the real problem here.

What's happening in the UK is a massive injustice. Just a few years ago, college tuition there was free. Then it got bumped up to about $3 to $5 K a year. And now, because of UK financial problems, it's getting bumped up to around $15 K annually. From free to $15 K a year in short order. Do I think students in the UK should pay $15 K annually in tuition? Yes I do. But that's not the issue here.

The issue is how the UK government really screwed these students by not giving their families time to plan. If you told a family that a newly born child would have to pay a pretty penny for tuition when they reached college age, that's fair. That gives the family time to plan, sacrifice, save. But when you allow a crises to build, and then just drop a massive financial obligation on the doorstep of a family, then it's an outrage.

Prepare yourself. Our elected representatives in America, like our worthless Senator Richard Burr, have so ignorantly mismanaged our country's finances, that in a few short years we're going to be royally screwed, just like the university students in the UK. Watch, and learn. And when it happens, you'll be asking how in the living hell we could have been stupid enough to have elected idiots like Richard Burr.

We don't need tax cuts. We do, though, need spending cuts, deep spending cuts, now. And we need for the super wealthy in our country to pay more income taxes. Most of all, we need for our Republican Party to start applying common sense. And we really don't need idiots like Richard Burr, blind followers who only do what the party leaders tell them to do.

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

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