Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's embarassing to be Republican

When I look to my party's leadership, I feel nothing but a giant sense of embarrassment:

Sarah Palin - Intellectual idiot, white trailer trash
Newt Gingrich - Sex addict and disloyal husband to an ill wife
Mitt Romney - RomneyCare and heartless Corporate raider
Ron Paul - King of rants
Mike Huckabee - Bible thumping nut, over-exaggerator
John Boehner - Weeper of the House
Mitch McConnell - KKK Grand Dragon
Jeb Bush - Member of a family of economy destroyers

Then there's NC Republican Senator Richard Burr. Who? You know, the man who has been in Washington DC for 15 years, and accomplished absolutely NOTHING of substance. Nice man. But what does he do?

Will there ever be a normal, intelligent, rational person who can rise to the surface and lead our Republican Party?

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.


  1. I think Ron Paul at least has some sane ideas - his Son however, does not.
    I am not a Republican - or a Democrat for that matter, but I wish more of the GOP base would tell it like it is as you are doing.
    The Democrats need to grow some and fight the irresponsible financial ideals backed by huge Corporate money.

  2. I agree. Ron has a few decent ideas. But some others are way out there. Abolish the Fed? If there was no Fed, this last really bad Republican recession would have been a Depression so deep that our economy would be a total shambles right now.

    Ron is the best of the lot, but he simply rants far too much. That hurts his credibility. And a number of his ideas are just plain off base.