Friday, January 28, 2011

Why couldn't Richard Burr conduct war like Ben Bernanke?

Are you watching Egypt? Did you see what happened in Tunisia?

What's happening in our world now is absolutely amazing. Ben Bernanke, one man, is overthrowing autocratic governments around the world. Ben, our chairman of the federal reserve board, is flooding the US Economy with liquidity, in the form of printing money and buying Treasuries. That liquidity is finding its way into the US stock market, driving up securities prices and making investors wealthy. It's also flooding into commodities and making eating, driving, just plain living, significantly more expensive the world over. And those higher commodity prices are causing poor folk around the world to rise up and overthrow governments.

Republicans spent $1.5 Trillion to overthrow the government of Iraq. And thousands of US Citizens lost their lives, and 10s of thousands more were injured. Ben? He spends $600 Billion investing in government assets, and autocratic governments around the world are falling like dominoes.

And to think that our Republican party wanted Ben's head on a platter. Our Republican Party was just tired of Ben's quantitative easing. Our Republican Party thought it would lead our country into ruin. Hardly. Our country grows more wealthy by the day. And autocratic governments around the world cower in fear of being overthrown by their people. Republicans were just plain wrong. What else is new?

Ben is a one man army waging relatively inexpensive wars that cost zero American lives. I'll take Ben's army and wars any day, over the wars waged by the idiot Republicans like US Senator Richard Burr and his comrades who sent us into Iraq. Richard Burr opened a window and threw out $1.5 Trillion and a number of dead Americans. Ben's accomplishing the same results by INVESTING $600 Billion. Who looks the fool now?

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

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