Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fact, Banker Pay Hits Record - Senator Richard Burr is a Failure

This latest financial crises we endured was brutal. Laissez-faire Republicans took all the referees off the playing field. With no oversight, bankers ran wild, financing so many junk mortgage loans that our world economy fell to its knees. Just about everyone suffered, except the bankers.

Name the bankers who were punished. Name the bankers who went to jail. There were none.

And while people the world over wound up losing wealth, and jobs, and homes, how did the bankers fair out of this mess? Their pay continues to skyrocket:

Over the last eight years, average compensation for a full-time bank employee has risen 35% to $83,050, twice the rate of inflation.

I don't like my Republican Senator Richard Burr. This man is an abysmal failure. Not only was he a contributing factor to this financial mess, he's done absolutely nothing to punish the bankers. In fact, the banking community has most Republicans in their pockets. Republican politicians protect bankers. Republicans go out of their way to do anything and everything to allow banks to continue to screw America. And for this, I will never vote for a Republican who supports our nation's financial institutions in any form or fashion. Senator Richard Burr is a friend of our nation's banks.

Richard Who? North Carolina deserves better than our sorry Republican Senator Richard Burr. The man is worthless. He gets nothing done, absolutely nothing.

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