Thursday, April 14, 2011

Senator Burr is an 'effing liar about income taxes

I use Twitter constantly to keep abreast of financial news. To mix it up some, I also have a few other Twitter feeds from non-financial sources. And Senator Richard Burr's Tweets are a real hoot. This pathetic Senator is like an old time magician. Burr uses distraction to convince his audience to look in one direction, while he's applying this magic in another. Mostly though, he's just a plain, simple LIAR. His latest Tweeting lies are a real hoot. He's attempting to convince middle class Americans that Democratic plans will raise their income taxes, while Republicans can get us out of our debt mess by just cutting expenses. Right. And pigs fly too.

We're starting to have a decent debate about what to do in our country to bring our debt under control. On the Republican side, Paul Ryan kicked it off by weighing in with some bullshit plan that cuts taxes on the super wealthy by a $1 Trillion or so, and then screws the middle class by $4+ Trillion or so by primarily taking away their health care coverage in old age. It's a typical, current day Republican plan. Let's put more money in the pockets of the super rich, and screw the rest of America.

Then, President Obama came out yesterday with an opposing view. Let's raise taxes on those who can most afford it, and cut expenses across the board. The Republicans howled. They cried. They whined. They insisted that any attempt to raise anyone's taxes would be fought tooth and nail. Republicans, like our dolt of a Senator Richard Burr, then hit the Twitter circuit in an attempt to convince naive voters that raising taxes was just plain WRONG.

Burr's response on Twitter ... "Need to reform fed govt to run more efficiently, not raise taxes on already struggling American families." Who proposed raising taxes on struggling American families? No one I know of. But we do need to raise taxes. And we do need to raise taxes on those who have benefited greatly under prior deep and wrong-headed Republican tax cutting. Both the wealthy and corporations need to pay more. Significantly more.

The reality? We are NOT going to solve our nation's debt crises without raising income taxes. We must have a balanced approach of both cutting expenses and raising taxes. It's the only way that we'll get our debt under control. And if you listen to any politician who suggests otherwise, you'll be doing grave harm to our country. Politicians who indicate that this crises can be solved only through expense cuts are just plain idiots. They need to be thrown out of office. And if we don't do that, then we're headed down the road to ruin. To the one, including our idiot Senator Burr, Republicans insist that we should not raise income taxes. They are clueless dolts.

The wealthy need to pay more. The 400 richest Americans paid an effective tax rate of 17% in 2007, thanks to incessant Republican tax cutting. Hell, most middle class Americans pay at significantly higher rates than that. It's about fairness. And our tax system is NOT fair. The super wealthy are getting a free ride. And Republicans are to fault for this screwed up situation. Republicans screw middle class America, at will. Then they lie to us constantly and try to convince us otherwise.

Corporations also need to pay significantly more income taxes. I am just plain tired of listening to my Republican politicians lie about America's Corporate income tax rates being the highest in the world. That's nothing but pure T bullshit. By the time you factor in all the deductions, credits and offshore tax scams, most of our nation's corporations pay very low income taxes. GE is a classic example. $14 Billion in profits, zero income taxes.

What's even worse is that under incessant Republican Corporate tax cuts, the overall income tax burden in our country has undergone a drastic shift. Individuals are carrying a significantly higher burden than corporations. Just like the super wealthy, Corporations are getting a free ride. And Republicans are doing everything they can to ply their magic, divert your attention, while they reward the super wealthy and corporate America, and screw our nation's middle class.

I've had enough of the lies about income taxes that come from my Republican Party. I'm tired of listening to all the bullshit that comes out of the mouths of Republicans like Senator Richard Burr. These idiots lie to us constantly. And it's about time we wake up and send these people packing. They have no solutions to the problems they created. Their incessant stream of income tax cuts handed to the super wealthy and American Corporations brought us this mess. And their insistence that they can get us out of this mess without raising taxes is just plain fantasy. Enough. I've had enough of the likes of Senator Richard Burr.

North Carolina deserves better than our lying sack of crap Senator Richard Burr.

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