Saturday, April 2, 2011

Set the record straight - Obama must go

I get emails as a result of this blog. Lots of emails. Most accuse me of being a Democrat. Some even go as far as indicating I am on a Democrat's payroll. Baloney.

I'm a Republican. I'm a capitalist. I believe in free markets. But I also know that free markets need sensible regulation. Most Republican politicians, including my worthless Senator Richard Burr, have lost sight of the need for sensible regulation. And that's why I go public with a constant stream of insults directed at my worthless Senator. Richard Burr is pathetic. His laissez-faire philosophy brought us this financial crises. This worthless politician is directly responsible for Americans being kicked out their homes, losing their jobs, and seeing their savings disappear. Richard Burr is an abysmal failure. And I won't stop reminding my fellow North Carolinians that Richard Burr is to blame for the immense financial and economic pain we are about to endure.

About? That's right. We haven't seen anything yet. We've only suffered the earthquake. The Tsunami is still due to hit our economy in the coming years. And it's going to make the 2008-2010 financial crises look like a picnic in comparison. And when the Tsunami hits our economy, I'm counting on the citizens of North Carolina to finally wake up to just how terribly we've been punished as a result of the pathetic performance of worthless politicians like Richard Burr.

On the other hand, we have problems too with the other party. President Obama just isn't getting the job done. Our budgets are out of control, still. We continue to wage wars we can't afford. Nothing is being done to punish Wall Street. Medical, Education, and Energy costs continue to ravage our bank accounts, while our incomes remain flat. A small minority of Americans do well though. Bankers, Doctors, and College Administrators rake it in, while most of America suffers. The biggest problem I have with President Obama though? No one went to jail. Wall Street screwed the world. And no one was held responsible. And that's a sin I won't forgive. President Obama has failed us. He must go.

But, who can lead? So far, I'm not seeing a single, credible leader out there. And as a result, I fear for our future. We're headed into an economic Tsunami, and there's no one who can rally our country to successfully get us through the pain to come.

Buckle up, with pathetic losers like Senator Richard Burr and President Obama at the helm, we're in store for significant pain ahead.

Richard Who? North Carolina deserves better than our sorry Republican Senator Richard Burr. The man is worthless. He gets nothing done, absolutely nothing.

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