Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Republican Senator Richard Burr is a LIAR

I took a month off from blogging. Unfortunately, my Republican party didn't take a month off from their constant stream of devious lies to the American People. And my POS, sorry, good for nothing US Republican Senator Richard Burr was right there in the center of all the lying Republican politicians in Washington DC.

The Republican Medicare plan - nothing but a pure T pack of lies to sell Trillions in cuts, and screw middle class America.

Richard Burr ran for re-election not long ago and constantly criticized Obama Care. He pounded on the $500 Billion in Medicare cuts under the Obama plan. "The sky is falling. The sky is falling. President Obama is going to gut the Medicare program by cutting $500 Billion over 20 years", cried Richard Burr.

And what does Richard Burr do once he gets elected? He votes to cut TRILLIONS in Medicare spending by privatizing the Medicare program. But oh, its not a cut to the program. It's simply privatization according to our lying, POS, good for nothing Republican politicians like Richard Burr.

I'd have respect for Richard Burr if he told us the truth. What he should have done is admit to the citizens of North Carolina that his plan was to win re-election by pounding on President Obama for cutting $500 Billion from Medicare. But, if he was honest, Senator Burr would have admitted he thought the Democrats whimps. Richard Burr should have run on a platform of Obama Care not cutting deep enough. Richard Burr should have told us he preferred to cuts Trillions from Medicare, not just Billions. But Richard Burr would not have been re-elected had he told us the truth. So, he lied.

Just tell the damn truth and stop trying to hide it from us Richard! But Richard Burr isn't honest. He's a worthless, POS, good for nothing LIAR. The man needs to be tarred and feathered and run the hell out of Washington D.C.

The truth? If you're under the age of 55, you're going to get screwed royally by Republicans. If you think that a $14 K voucher will buy you insurance that will cover anything more than a band-aide when you're over age 65, then I've got swamp land in Florida that you need to buy from me for $1 M an acre. The Republican plan to cut the hell out of medicare while allowing our nation's ultra rich to pay the lowest tax rates in history is typical of my good for nothing, POS Republican party. My Republican party stands shoulder to shoulder with ultra rich Americans, while kicking middle class America squarely in the teeth.

North Carolina deserves better than our sorry Republican Senator Richard Burr.


  1. Who peed in your cherios?

  2. Cheerios is spelled with two E's

  3. I don't have the opportunity to eat Cheerios. My Republican Party keeps trying to serve me a bowl of bullshit for breakfast.