Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I'm sitting here this morning watching Rep Von Hollen (D) and Rep Price (R) being interviewed on CNBC. The Democrat leads off with encouraging words about an ability for Washington to come to a resolution on budget talks and debt ceilings. He's upbeat. Those positive vibes are making me feel good. Something good might get accomplished.

Then, that 'effing asswipe, Rep Price executes on the common day Republican strategy ..... ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK. Everything's Obama's fault. All the deficit spending is the fault of Democrats. The world is going to hell. Our economy is sinking. We're all going to die. Oh my GOD, the sky is falling and the earth will go up in flames.

But, vote Republican.

Republicans, like this 'effing, POS, worthless Rep Price, are simply clueless to the real problem in America today. We lack confidence. And as long as Republicans execute on a strategy of ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK ... Americans are never going to regain the confidence we need to spend, invest, hire, and live our lives with a ray of hope for the future.

I'm a member of the party of negativity. We destroyed the economy. We have no solutions to our nation's problems. All we know is how to cut taxes, wage wars, kiss bankers asses and spend money like drunken sailors. And these days, the only strategy we have for America is ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK.

Republican Politicians in Washington DC can all rot in hell. There isn't a single one worth a cent. They all need to be burned at the stake, after being hung from the highest tree. Every last one.

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