Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Corporations screw America - And Republicans encourage this crap

Another day. Another depressing news article. This one is about the typical multinational US Corporation setting up shop in a tax haven to avoid paying US Income Taxes. We run massive deficits because tax collections fall below expenditures. Our country continues to go into debt up to our eyeballs. And then who winds up leading the charge to lower the taxes so all those under-taxed profits sitting in tax havens can be brought home? Why, of course, the very same corporations that screwed America by not paying their fair share in the first place.

This income shifting cost our country $90 Billion last year. Sheesh.

Republicans go to bat for this crap. Republicans support all these god damn tax games that screw the rest of us. Then, Republicans have the gall to recommend that we cut middle class programs to the bone. Yeah, let's allow Corporations to screw us, so we can forgo Medicare in our old age. Right. Got it.

I'm just tired of Republicans like our worthless Senator Richard Burr who won't get off their sorry asses, close these loopholes, and tell CEO's they can stick their tax haven cash where the sun doesn't shine before we'll allow them to bring it home at reduced rates.

North Carolina deserves better than our sorry, POS, worthless Senator Richard Burr.

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