Monday, June 6, 2011

Elect Republicans

Let 'em have it. Let my Republican Party take control of Washington DC again. Give 'em the White House. Give 'em the Senate. Give 'em the House. Let 'em have it all. Then, once and for all, we can settle the debate as to who created the mess we're in right now. Let the Republican Party take the reins of power and run our country into the sewer, again. That's my mindset right now as I read all the stupid assed comments coming from current day Republican politicians in Washington DC.

The latest crap out the mouths of Republicans? Richard Shelby, the bare-footed, ignorant hick from Alabama continues to make a fool of himself and my party. The man is an idiot. Right up there with my good for nothing, POS, worthless Republican Senator Richard Burr. Time and again Senator Shelby says some of the dumbest things. Anyone with a lick of economic sense winds up doing a double-take. Richard crapped all over the nomination of Peter Diamond, a Nobel Prize winner in economics, to the Federal Reserve Board. Mr. Diamond withdrew his nomination. I'm just tired of the partisan politics of the likes of Senator Shelby that winds up preventing a Nobel Prize winning economist from serving our country. Stuff like this is just infuriating.

If it was up to Richard Shelby, we would have let our entire banking system collapse. Our nation would have been bankrupt. Bread lines? There would be no bread lines right now. We'd all be crapping in the woods and eating squirrels and rabbits. But for that ignorant SOB, Senator Shelby, them is good vittles. And I have little doubt that if we give Washington DC back to current day Republicans, outhouses will once again be back in vogue. And that would do Senator Shelby just fine.

So give it to idiots. Elect current day Republican politicians to run all of Washington D.C. But, buy a gun. Dig a hole in your backyard to crap in. And get used to eating critters. Because, a Republican controlled Washington DC is going to take us all back in time to 18th century, rural Alabama.

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  1. I agree with you, let them take us down! It's going to be the only way that the people will finally realize that they are only for corporations! Once the corporations have strapped the American people so bad that one will be able to purchase their crap anymore then we let the corporations fall, and maybe get our country back!!!