Friday, June 17, 2011

Good Richard Burr Bumper Stickers #SenatorBurr #Idiot

Burr: Let's End the Error
Burr: If You Want a Nation Ruled By Religion, Move to Iran
Burr: Like a Rock - Only Dumber
If You Can Read This, You're Not Our Republican Senator
Burr Supporters: Embarrassed Yet?
Burr: Who's God Do You Kill For?
Burr: Seriously, Why Did We Invade Iraq?
Burr: God's Way of Proving Intelligent Design is Full of Crap
Burr: We need a Senator who at least has a brain
Burr: You Elected Him. You Deserve Him
When Burr Took Office, Gas Was $1.46
Burr: Pray For Impeachment
Burr's Republican Party: Our Bridge to the 11th Century
Burr: At Least Nixon Resigned
Burr: $10 Trillion Man. Debt when he took office:$4T, Now:$14T
Forget ObamaCare, Let's repeal Senator Burr

Got any other good ones? Send me an email.

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