Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Idiotic Republican idea of brief default to tank your retirement plan. Thank you Senator Richard Burr. Moron.

The latest lunacy coming from Republicans? Let's go ahead and default on our national debt. Let's try to do it for a temporary period of time so that we'll force drastic spending cuts. Current day Republicans serving in Washington DC are simply idiots. And that goes for North Carolina's good for nothing, POS, worthless Senator Richard Burr.

Great. There goes your IRA, pension plan, Roth, Coverdale, 529 savings. This news of Republican idiocy has been circling around Wall Street trading pits for a few days now. It got widely distributed yesterday. The markets are getting whacked, hard. The major stock indices are down 5 days in a row, and we're headed much lower this morning. The traders on Wall Street know what a default on our debt will do to our nation's financial systems - unleash panic and havoc of the likes of the collapse of Lehman brothers in the fall of 2008. Your savings are going up in smoke again, thanks to the idiocy of morons like Senator Richard Burr and the idiotic current day Republicans serving us in Washington DC.

How can this happen? It's easy. Wealthy Wall Street Republican Hedge Fund Managers have gotten short the market and then convinced naive Republican Politicians that's its OK to default. These Hedge Fund managers, like Stanley Druckenmiller, makes Billions. The American people lose. The American economy goes down the drain. My god, we have such idiotic Republicans representing us in Washington DC.

And watch how this unfolds. It's going to be a nightmare for our country and our economy. Republicans are going to take us down the road to hell once again, then they'll point fingers and blame it on everyone but themselves.

I'm just plain tired. I'm tired of Republican idiots like Richard Burr who don't have an 'effing clue how our financial markets and economy work. We have idiots at the helm. And we can only blame ourselves for what is about to unfold. We voted for idiots like Richard Burr. So, we need to look in the mirror when it comes time to ask how we could have arrived at the point that our savings are gone, we have no jobs, our house is being repossessed, and there's no food in the refrigerator. It's our fault for sending naive Republican idiots to Washington DC.

North Carolina deserves better than our worthless, POS, good for nothing Republican Senator Richard Burr.

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