Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's Lehman all over again, because the likes of politicians like Republican Senator Richard Burr sat on their lazy asses and did nothing

Our stock market is going down, hard. And we're nowhere near the bottom. Why? Because Senator Richard Burr and his Republican buddies in Congress sat on their lazy asses and did NOTHING post Lehman and AIG. It's even worse. Not only did they do nothing. They have spent their time kissing all the asses of every overpaid bank executive in our country. When your 401 K, IRA, Roth, Coverdale, Pension Plan, 529, just plain old savings go up in smoke in the coming weeks, you can blame our good for nothing, POS, worthless, Senator Richard Burr.

What's the problem now? The problem now is the very same problem we had with Lehman and AIG, 3 years ago. Our US Banks have sold $40+ Billion in insurance against Greek Debt. So, when Greece defaults, our banks will be recording MASSIVE losses. $40 Billion will flow from our country, to Europe. There will be panic once again. Investors will flee the markets. It's going to get ugly.

How could we be here once again? How could we not have learned the lesson of Lehman and AIG? We're here because Richard Burr and Republicans kiss the asses of bankers. We're here because Richard Burr and Republicans have fought rational regulation tooth and nail. We're here because Republicans have fucked our country and allowed bankers to continue to write this risky insurance, put up zero collateral, and not trade this insurance over an organized exchange. So no one in our entire country has a fucking clue who is at risk and by how much. Now everyone is going to panic out the door. Its the fall of 2008 all over again, because Republican politicians are fucking idiots.

Thank you Richard Burr. Thank you for being in the pocket of the bankers. Thank you for doing absolutely nothing while bankers gamble away our capital. Thank you for being a worthless, piece of crap, good for nothing, moron and destroying our nation's security markets, our economy, our country.

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