Thursday, June 23, 2011

My profanity meter - out of control. But this is what needs to happen

My profanity meter is out of control. To those insulted, I apologize.

Few Americans however understand what a critical juncture we're at as a nation. All hell is about to break loose if the following doesn't happen:

Greece - Has no money. Debt payments are due in mid-July. If Europe does not pull together and put a loan package on the table, then its Lehman II. The write-off can be handled. But the panic from the uncertainty of what will happen will cause Lehman II. Selling begets more selling, to the point that irreparable damage is done and our world economy goes into a tailspin. We must kick that can down the road in the hopes that the entire world economy turns on a dime. Greek problems then wind up being significantly lessened by world growth. It's the only way out of that mess.

US budget deal - We are broke. We must put a credible budget package together, now. The package must give the financial markets confidence we will be able to deal with our debt. That package must be a responsible blend of increased taxes and spending cuts. The more evenly balanced, the better. Too many cuts, and too few additional taxes, and our economy tilts over and dies. The package must make the wealthiest among us pay significantly more. And every American should be made to pay something. The spending cuts should be felt far and wide. And this bullshit about the 55+ crowd getting off the hook has to cease. The 55+ generation put us into this mess, they should share more of the burden, not less.

Wars - must stop. Our troops must come home. Now. Not later. Now. We must make significant cuts to defense. And we must close overseas bases. We can no longer afford to police the world.

Social BS - must take a back seat. Enough of all this time and attention paid to abortion and gay marriage. We are a people who want to be left alone by our government. And we are a people who have no tolerance for those who tell us how we can live OUR lives. Cease and desist with the debates and time spent on these innocuous issues. And if you want to wave a Bible in our faces and continue with this drivel, leave America. Most Americans are past being fed up with the religious zealot minority that have hi-jacked our country and its politics.

Energy - Stop the talk. Its time for action. Our nation needs to get off its tail and drill, everywhere, every hour, of every day. We need more Nuke plants. We need wind. We need solar. We need it all. Stop the debates. Stop the talk. Just 'effing get it done and shut up about it.

If these things happen, and soon, then our nation gets back on track. We can grow. We can all have jobs. We can all enjoy a better quality of life. The world will prosper right along with America.

But it isn't going to happen with idiot, religious zealot Republicans who think that "Cut and Grow, without any Tax Increases" is the way to prosperity. Its the way to Bankruptcy. Its the way to riots and unrest. Its lunacy. And ridiculous efforts to hi-jack our nation into a focus on social issues, while sitting on our tails about energy, and doing nothing to balance our budget, bring us closer to turmoil.

And all these issues make my profanity meter spin out of control. I see the wreck coming over the hill. But Senator Richard Burr? He and his ilk are just plain blind.

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

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